Five Broken Cameras: Documentary Analysis

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For possibly decades now, there has been fighting in the middle east and I am not sure it will ever stop. One particular story of fighting stuck out to me, however. A man named Emad Burnat filmed activist protest of Israel taking land from his small Palestinian village. The documentary he created is called Five Broken Cameras. He is a peasant farmer who lives off of the land he owned. He has a family consisting of his wife and his four sons. He films to show their side of the fighting and riots and no matter what he will risk his life just to capture something that is happening. There was some difficulty of watching this documentary because of it being in a different language, but subtitles work wonders. Also, I had to keep in mind their different …show more content…
There are big differences between rights of men and rights of women in the middle east. Women seem to usually stay within the house and take care of the children and chores. The men go to work or protest certain problems, such as the barricade, and are always the head of a house. A women can get in immense trouble for going against what a man says. During some of the protest, women had to protect children from getting arrested while they could have been arrested or even killed themselves. Women also have to cover most of their body when they go anywhere outside and if they do not, they could be killed. As easily noticeable this is very different from American culture and how women are treated here. They can wear anything they want, have jobs, vote, hold office, and are supposed to be on the same level as a man. They had to fight for this, however, because it was not always this way in America and they are still fighting for equal pay for equal work. Another difference I faced was the language they spoke, which was Arabic. Most schools in the United States do not offer Arabic as a choice of language, so I would have been completely lost without subtitles. Even with the subtitles, I found myself pausing and rewinding the video just to make sure I understood everything that was said. Sometimes even using that process it was still difficult to understand exactly what they were trying to

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