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  • Hunting By Richard Connell Character Analysis

    “They were no match at all for a hunter with his wits about him, and a high-powered rifle” (Connel 6). The most dangerous game is a tale about a man named Rainsford, who gets thrown overboard by a rogue wave. He swims to a nearby shore, knowing that there were people there. He meets General Zaroff who, at first sight, seemed a harmless man intrigued by hunting. But as the story continues, it becomes clear to the reader that he is not a harmless man. Rainsford was a hunter on his way to Rio for…

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  • The Importance Of The Right To Bear Arms

    We have always been people who revered their country. It is our home, where freedom is of highest value. For 240 years the men of the United States of America have boasted their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. Hundreds of thousands of people dreamt of their new lives in America, and even died trying to achieve the ultimate state of freedom. However, no amount of religious freedom or freedom of speech, or peaceful protests will provide a tranquil mind. The darkest secret of the…

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  • The Swiss Way-Gun Control

    The Swiss Way- Gun Control Theodore Roosevelt once said, “We should encourage rifle practice among school boys, and indeed, among all classes. The first step in the direction of preparation to avert war if possible, and to be fit for war, if it should come, is to teach men to shoot.” One of the biggest debates in the United States at the moment is whether or not there should be a tighter control on guns. If one were to look at the statistics around the world, the country that seems to have one…

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  • Remington Gun Research Paper

    Lee in Ilion, New York (McLaughlin para. 44). The center-fire cartridge was developed by Colonel Berdan (McLaughlin para. 55). Also in Ilion, the Eliott magazine pump rifle was perfected for the first time (McLaughlin para. 45). Remington developed one of the earliest machine guns: a rapid-fire naval gun (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 9). Remington also produced a popular double-barreled shotgun, a gun cane that…

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  • Essay On Second Amendment

    storing the gun with either a craze or deranged individual in the presence of their home. The members of congress in our country who want to ban the “assault rifle” have no knowledge I what the weapon actually is. There is no such thing as an “assault rifle”. You may ask me what does the AR in AR15 mean. Well it full name is armalite rifle. It is just a brand of the gun itself like Nike or Under amour for shoes. There is no legal definition called an assault…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Pro Gun Control

    committed by firearms daily. One can argue that this death tole number could be significantly smaller if these individuals had a weapon of their own that could be used for self-defense against these attacker. Although weapons such as pistols, rifles, assault rifles and shotguns are deadly, they also have many benefits such as self-defense, which can deter an attacker by simply revealing the weapon. In todays society there…

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  • The Importance Of Cleaning The Gun

    's way, and the people around them. The gun we will be taking apart and cleaning, will be a basic AR-15. AR-15’s are a magazine fed, semiautomatic rifle, that is chambered in .223. This type of gun is very easy to use and fairly popular. This means that if something were to go wrong, it can be replaced with ease. I would recommend…

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  • Weapons In The 19th Century

    the musket, the rifle, and the machine-gun as they increased the effectiveness of previous weaponry, changed in design, and increased the death toll. To begin, a musket is muzzle-loaded smooth firearm that is fired from the shoulder.…

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  • Evolution Of Gun Actions Essay

    and that these could not be shot in the rain. They also discovered that depending on how far the wick was burnt the gun may not fire right away leaving the soldiers unaware of if the gun would fire and when. (Supica) (Firearms history) The next rifle solved some of these problems it was called the wheellock. It took advantage of the fact that you could make a spark with metal and certain rocks and do away with the wick and replace it with a gear system to form a better trigger to get more…

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  • NAGR Advertisement Analysis

    The National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR) supports the second amendment fully, believing that Americans have a right to own any type of firearm they wish. The organization is very influential in Congress, a main reason why gun control advocates have not been able to pass legislation that opposes the use and ownership of guns. The NAGR has produced millions of pro-gun ads that appear in the media, from written advertisements to commercials and images. These ads attempt to make people…

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