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1. What clinical findings are likely in R.S. as a consequence of his COPD?
R.S., the patient, has many diagnoses, findings like his history of coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial vascular disease, irregular ABG, chronic bronchitis- COPD, and of course that leads to the possible diagnosis of pneumonia. Therefore, this leads to a very long list of signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms of COPD type B, which is classified as a “blue bloater” (Copstead, & Banasik, 2010, pg. 483), is very expansive. Since R.S. falls under the “blue bloater” patient, he is slightly cyanotic due to the oxygen desaturation as well as edematous from the right-sided heart failure. Aside from the late signs of excess edema and hypervolemia and cyanosis, the
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is a type B chronic bronchitis patient which is also called the “blue bloater.” The pathophysiology of this type of patient includes cyanosis and edema related to the right-sided heart failure. On the other hand, the emphysematous COPD, type A, is called the “pink puffer.” They happen to be pink because they have enough oxygenation and the puffer part comes from the hyperventilation and the use of accessory muscles for exertion (Michael, 2011, p.150). Both Type A and Type B are compared and differentiated based on the signs/symptoms, history of the patient, and general tests done. Emphysema patients also report a history of exposure to industrial irritants, dust, chemicals, smog, air pollution, and/or exhaust …show more content…
They are also used for short and long term relief of certain symptoms that come with COPD. ” Studies show that inhaled beta2-agonists are effective in treating symptoms of COPD and improving lung function as measured by tests (spirometry). They also reduce the number of COPD exacerbations (Celli, 2008). The preferred use of β2 agonists are through inhalation because they cause the smooth muscle relaxation. “Long-acting bronchodilators are preferred over short-acting ones because of fewer doses and improved symptom management. For more effective treat of stable COPD, combination therapy using an inhaled β2-agonist and an anticholinergic can also be used” (Chaundry, 2011). These bronchodilators are used with other smooth muscle

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