Alexander Mosaic Analysis

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The Alexander Mosaic from the House of Faun I think that the Alexander Mosaic is a painting capturing the war that was going on during this time period. It seems as if the right side is doing better than the left. Also, the left side seems terrified since a lot of soldiers have been lost in the battle, which is shown by the lack of people on the left side of the painting. It also seems as if one of the men on the right side doesn’t want to be fighting in this battle and is reaching out to the left side. The horses look terrified and ready to run in a different direction then where the battle is. I think this is an important painting because it is displaying a battle time in history and what was happening on both sides. The Alexander Mosaic was first found during the 1831 excavation of Pompeii. Many have thought that this painting is to illustrate the Battle of Issus between the Persian king Darius and Alexander the Great in 333 B.C. Meanwhile, others think the painting illustrates the battle of Gaugamela in 331 B.C, which was when Alexander the Great and Darius fought once more. The painting is displaying Alexander the Great, the head of the troops, going into battle on the left side to attack Darius and his troops. However, it shows that the Persians have already turned to run away from the battle. The painting also illustrates that Darius …show more content…
There are some men tired and hurting but are continuing to fight if that’s the last thing they do. I think the artwork portrays an important historic event that might have been about religion. This is because some are dressed in just a cloth; meanwhile others are dressed in clothing. I think the message this artwork is trying to convey is that if you truly believe in something fight for it till the very end. I think this is an important piece of artwork because it seems to have taken a lot of time and

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