Theology And Process Theology

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You commonly hear people say, “Trust the process.” It is now normal for people to think of things in the way of a process. Process is usually looked at as something good. It is believed that processes evolve people and all other creation. People have even applied the idea of process to God. Process Theology uses the idea of process and intertwines it with ideas of God and even evil. This philosophy or theology tries to explain God and evil through a more modern take from ideas of Darwinian biology and Einstein’s physics. God is known in the Process theology as everlasting, creative, and even the mastermind behind process. At the same time, God is also viewed as a dependent, changing, non-masculine, unemotional, and even temporal. God and the world hold each other up, neither would be existent without the other. Both the world and people can affect God. God is always learning, which allows him to change; God is not exempt from the process. Many times God is depicted as a God who cares deeply about our motives, actions, and moral. Instead, in the process theology, God is not worried with the character or the cosmic moralist of his creation. In this theological view, God has limited himself to a certain extent. His limitation is as far as to allow people, nature, plants, …show more content…
109). This is a theology takes an approach that incorporates common societal thinking and teachings. By including aspects from Darwinism biology or Einstein’s physics it attracts a whole different group of people. A lot of theologies beliefs don’t have room to claim both as truths, which can turn people away from God. This theology allows people to choose to believe in God. Some people are not willing to compromise there believes such as evolution, but with this theology it allows people to not have to result in

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