John Calvin's Theodicy

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When discussing evil and the existent of God the question “Is God a participant in this chaos?” comes up quite often. Theologians have different opinions about the answer to this question, but John Calvin has a stance on this idea of evil and God. John Calvin has clearly laid out his stance of perfect world theodicy in his writing of sdfjds,fh.
Perfect world theodicy would agree that God is apart off all things in the world. His involvement would include the Creation, the Fall, everyday life, wickedness, and everything in between. Calvin stated this in his own words by saying, “It were cold and lifeless to represent God as a momentary Creator, who completed his work once for all, and then left it”(pg. 126). Calvin believed God was in the
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The first reason being it keeps God sovereign. God’s very existence is hard to understand so typically people try to shrink down God so he becomes more understandable. It is impossible to shrink God down, unless you purposely ignore his powerful nature. This theology challenges people to not question God about things we cannot grasp. This quote by Calvin expresses his appreciation, “But the admirable method of governing the world is justly called a deep, because, while it lies hid from us, it is to be reverently adorned” (pg.126). By not questioning God it is a form of submission to an all-powerful God. It preserves awe of God, which has been lost from God’s …show more content…
Although, it does create a trust in God, but at the same time it places a wall separating God from us. When Jesus died the veil was broken, but by not allowing questions puts another veil up. God doesn’t have to give people answers, but his people should have the right to question God in the midst of evil. It is biblical to question God! There are examples of this in the book of Job, and in the lament prayers by David found in Psalm. It creates intimacy when a person is able to question God in the midst of troubles. For example, a mother and father long to have a connection with their children. God longs to have the same connection! It would be hard to believe that God creates suffering and then also puts up a barrier so his people can’t experience his comfort and peace by them asking questions or crying out to God. Therefore, God prefers intimacy with his people to separation from all people. Through the pro’s and the con’s Calvin stood by this theodicy for his entire

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