Theology of relational care

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  • Community Service Proposal

    There are a wide variety of community service options that benefit different communities in many ways. Working at the Good Samaritan Inn and Mercy Gardens was a service learning opportunity that benefitted a large amount of people. The Good Samaritan Inn is an organization that provides food to feed the hungry people of the Decatur area. The Good Samaritan Inn serves approximately 300 people every day of the week. Mercy Gardens is a non-profit organization that grows healthy, organic food that will be used to make meals for the hungry at the Good Samaritan Inn. Along with providing food to the hungry, Mercy Gardens also provides opportunities for low-income Decatur residents to learn about gardening and to get real work experience. These citizens work at Mercy Gardens planting produce, while doing this they learn techniques and practices in organic farming that will aid them in finding reliable jobs in the future. As a class we volunteered our time to help allow Mercy Gardens to operate more efficiently in the upcoming winter months. With snowfall on the horizon it is always a challenge to plant crops in the dead of winter. This year Mercy Gardens was dedicated to finishing their green house and hydroponic tables so fresh produce could be grown and served year round. The green house needed much work including building and painting the hydroponic tables, and pouring gravel down for the floor material. Some other work that was done to benefit the Gardens was harvesting crops,…

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  • The Importance Of Process Theology

    Basic Introduction: Process theology is defined as “a contemporary expression of Christian faith.”(5) Though the word, “contemporary expression” can have different connotations, in my view, according to one’s understanding and perspective it lets the reader contemplate on the idea about how one’s personal understanding can, or is a part of one’s course of action. Pointing to the word “expression,” one can also perceive the inclusion of orthopraxis, (Dancing with God, 34) which further leads one…

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  • Motherhood: A Feminist Analysis

    Mothering of children is necessary since no human being can survive or become a part of social community without moderate amount of care by a mothering person (Kittay, Sarah Adams). Mothering, as a social act, is the foundation of human society. Also, mothering is joyful experiences for parents in many ways. However, when mothering gets associated with, or only with, gender politics, the fact that we are always “some mother’s child”(Kittay, Love’s Labor) is easily forgotten and the mothering…

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  • Analysis Of Teleological Ethics And Pornography

    enriched and enhanced? With these concerns in our mind, we shall now reflect on pornography under the following points. All Human relationships are based on virtues of faithfulness and loyalty to each other with the sense of belonging to one another. The concept of faithfulness, key to relational fabric and success, is alien to pornography. Also, love, care and constant fellowship are the characteristics of relationships which are completely missing in pornography. Pornography is concerned only…

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  • Christian Counseling Reflection

    The human soul is where the image of God is and God’s Holy Spirit takes possession of the human soul, as well as shapes the human soul, which reflects Christian counseling. Hawkins and Clinton stated that these multiple elements are considered part of the New Christian Counselor and these elements require our attention. These unique resources are a covenant between a care giver, a care seeker, and a care provider (the counselor, the client, and God). All three are what Hawkins and Clinton…

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  • Genesis Chapter Summary

    creation of man and woman. Although the first relationship in scripture was God and Adam, Adam had a desire for relationship with his own kind, “but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him (Gen. 2:20b).” God created Eve as a helper. One commentary explains the relationship between Adam and Eve this way: God decided to make a helper suitable (lit. “a helper corresponding to him,” or “a corresponding helper”) for the man (v. 18). The essence of the word corresponding is that Adam…

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  • Pete Ward: Relational Youth Ministry

    2.1. Relational youth ministry For Pete Ward, ‘in the incarnational approach relationships are… very much to the fore’ they are, in fact, ‘the fuel on which youthwork travels’ (1997:43). Pete Ward and his training centre, Oxford Youthworks, were largely responsible in the UK for the resurgences towards the incarnational theological approach in youth ministry in the 1990s. His view could be summarised simply enough as be like Jesus by being with young people. The incarnational theological…

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  • Personal Experience Paper

    understand the force that is God. Grace is freedom to the oppressed, working with humanity to liberate all while creating a community of equality. Grace is the unmerited love that God provides, existing amidst and working in partnership with creation from its beginning. Grace is the love, that through sacrifice of Jesus, grants forgiveness to humanity for its sins. Grace is an unconditional love that does not give up on humanity, even when humanity continues to make decisions that leads to…

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  • Middle Eastern Religions Summary

    Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim religions share this common view and understanding of God. The chart below provides a concise presentation using William A. Young’s seven rubrics in presenting each religion individually with its own terminology as well as collectively as a group of middle-eastern monotheistic religions. WORLDVIEW OF RELIGION AS A GROUP Middle Eastern Monotheistic Religions INDIVIDUALLY JUDAISM CHRISTIANITY ISLAM YOUNG’S 7 RUBRICS What does it mean to be human?…

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  • Expression Of Religion Essay

    I saw the faith I felt so strongly, and one I was called to follow, provided striking challenges to believing that the Christian life was all it was purported to be, or truly embodied what the Holy Bible had declared as God’s desire for us on Earth. (Colossians 3:4) I note the quote from Tacey, “Religion imposes the ‘big story’ of theology upon our experience, without exploring the ‘little stories’ of our individual biographies, which might give theology a foothold in our lives. Religion is…

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