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  • Compare And Contrast Your Understanding Of Judgement And Decision Making

    What would my employees think? Am I a pushover? Will more complaints occur? In order to avoid these questions and any resulting regret the decision was made based on the regret theory (Plous, 1993 p.101). 3. Compare and contrast your understanding of judgment and/or decision making using these three different theoretical approaches. My understanding of the judgment was based on the surrounding context. The baseline for the behavior of the employee was determined by a reference point, being the conduct of his co-workers. Second, even though the probability of another complaint was not reduced I naively chose work with the available data and assumptions. I would have liked to get more of an objective picture. Third, I needed to understand the full implications of the decision. In this case my fear of how my actions would be perceived outweighed the real issue and what truly needed to be done to correct it. In fact the regret theory probably had the strongest effect in that I believed that making an example of an individual would ensure good behavior from his…

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  • Computer Science And Future Goals

    I originally choose Computer Science because I was interested in Mobile App Development. I always wanted to create an app that would be innovative, helpful, and that would connect different parts of the world together. This degree equips me with the tools and knowledge to create the very apps I use today as well as understanding networking systems. Computer Science is rigorous fields to obtain a degree. Since my freshman year, I have had to spend more of my time practicing my skills daily to…

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  • Career Goals For Computer Science

    I am a student at Valencia Community College, completing an associate degree in computer science and planning of transferring to University of Central Florida. Since my earliest childhood, I have always been interested in computers. My first program was “Adding two numbers” using code, which make me curious to know computers in deep learning. My creative and enthusiastic methods of solving the problem lead me to select a career like computer scientist. I am always doing that which I cannot do,…

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  • Why I Want To Be An Engineer Essay

    internet, there are millions of definitions of engineering many people believe it is being able to use math and science and apply it to the real world problems. However, I think it is someone that works hard to help the improve the world, pioneer in technology, and inspire future generations to succeed. I want to use skills that I learn to help others, not only that, but to discover amazing things and with the demand for engineers, you won’t be without a job. Being an engineer is one of the most…

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  • UC Berkeley Application Essay

    Why did you choose to attend UC Berkeley? * I chose to attend UC Berkeley because it was my dream school. I had grown up around UC Berkeley my entire life and did not consider it seriously until I took a class there and considered computer science to be my major. UC Berkeley is one of the top schools in the country for computer science and the diversity of Berkeley is one of a kind. When I took a class there in the summer and I felt like a Berkeley student and it felt right. Please finish…

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  • Computer Science Progression

    applied to teach the new pilot Computer Science (CS) Principles Course in collaboration with the College Board and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Hillcrest High School and I was accepted to participate in Cohort 3 of the CS4Alabama project. This course will become a full-fledged College Board Advanced Placement course during the 2016-2017 school year. Students will certainly benefit as they become more aware of the 21st skills that computer science provides for their future careers, and…

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  • Heading In The Wrong Direction Analysis

    The skills and knowledge of university students in the computer science program will help determine how far computer science will go in the future. The article “CS Education in the U.S.: Heading in the wrong Direction “looks on how American universities are teaching Computer Science program and how the applications used to teach those students affect how skilled a person will be in the computer science work field. Robert Dewar, a professor emeritus of computer science, think that schools are…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Computer Science

    Statement of Purpose “How do we ask the turtle to trace out a circle? Remember, it only knows how to walk in straight lines and turn around.” Playing with the Logo turtle on screen in sixth grade was my first exposure to computer science. I was immediately fascinated by the idea of approximating a smooth circle with a regular polygon of, say, 360 sides. Staring at the “circle” on screen, I could not quite digest the fact that it was something produced in a fundamentally different way compared to…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Language Affected My Mathematics Learning

    There are a number of changes that arise when students continue their studies outside their home country. In particular, these are changes that are concerned with being immersed in a different education system. When I moved from the Philippines to New Zealand in 2012, I experienced an educational transition that significantly affected my mathematics learning. Two such changes that I faced are language I used in my learning and type of mathematical understanding I developed. These changes that…

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  • Essay On Childhood Development

    Throughout the semester, I have learned a numerous of useful and helpful things in this course. I have learned about my behaviors from the past, present, and how to develop myself better in the future. Based on Marcia’s theory of identity and status, I believe that I am in achievement because I have a high level of commitment to my choice of major which is computer science and it has always been something that I ever loved since I was a kid. The only possibility that might cause me to switch…

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