Christian Counseling Reflection

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Ron Hawkins and Tim Clinton starts off their book on A Fresh Biblical & Transformational Approach to The New Christian Counselor asking several questions about the envelopment of what is Christian counseling. Visions and meanings were studied and a platform for the progress of a strategic model was provided. What stood out was Hawkins and Clinton’s ending of chapter one was the statement that indicated that “we are partners with God in the work of helping person to achieve healing and transformation” which in turn is the true meaning of Christian counseling. During this process of healing and transformation the questions of taking possession of the soul and shaping of the soul was discussed as part of Christian counseling. Meaning, there …show more content…
The human soul is where the image of God is and God’s Holy Spirit takes possession of the human soul, as well as shapes the human soul, which reflects Christian counseling. Hawkins and Clinton stated that these multiple elements are considered part of the New Christian Counselor and these elements require our attention. These unique resources are a covenant between a care giver, a care seeker, and a care provider (the counselor, the client, and God). All three are what Hawkins and Clinton called the multimodal approach to the success of the Christian counselor. In order to be equipped and have a spirit of expectancy in counseling the counselor needs to be spiritually and physically prepared, if God is not in the works, then the counseling session will not work. In conclusion, Hawkins and Clinton share that in order the achieve the valued outcome the counselor must established the clients identity, emphasize how idolatry and addiction has a negative impact on the healing of the client, have discernment, and counsel clients with wisdom, by structuring the conversation with the authority of God …show more content…
A complete guide that endows Christian counselors by making their task clear in order to help individuals take possession of their souls. The only way that an individual can take possession of one’s soul is through the power of the Spirit. Once the individual is under the authority of the Word they can become more like Christ. The authors give a lecture that is confrontational for today 's tempting innovative reproductions of peace and they also give individuals who are in pain the opportunity to numb themselves from this pain. Hope is highlighted as the foundation of God loves for his children and how passionate He is the keep His connection. Throughout the book you’ll find take possession of self-illustration case studies of: the relational self, the physical self, the feeling self, the thinking self, and the decision-making self. This all-inclusive strategy is a way to help professionals, counselors, and student integrate faith and practice effectively. The framework was provided for biblically based Christian counseling that demonstrate how you can help your clients. You 'll discover informed investigation on some of the record collective difficulties distressing individuals today, including identity fears, attachment concerns, and addiction. You 'll also find implemented assessments of best practices counselor-client alignment, and adaptation

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