Importance Of Teleological Ethics And Pornography

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Teleological Ethics and Pornography
Teleological Ethics is the ethics of ambition, good or ends. This approach is concerned with questions regarding the highest good or final goal of life towards which persons should aim. It holds that there are certain goods or ends which are worthy of complete commitment and it seeks to throw light upon what these are, for example, the ‘Kingdom of God’, a classless society, or constitutional objectives of building a democratic state. This ethics raises the question, what is the highest good or end of life which a person should seek to serve? Religiously this approach asks, for what ultimate purpose has God created us? How can we obtain moksha or liberation/salvation? Teleological approach assumes that what
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The primary concern of this approach is what action is most fitting in a given context. This model highlights that we live in human communities characterized by a net of ongoing relationships. The chief concern of this model is that our moral actions be responsible. This approach asks, what is going on? To whom are we responding and responsible? To what relationship must we be faithful? How can human solidarity be enriched and enhanced? With these concerns in our mind, we shall now reflect on pornography under the following points. All Human relationships are based on virtues of faithfulness and loyalty to each other with the sense of belonging to one another. The concept of faithfulness, key to relational fabric and success, is alien to pornography. Also, love, care and constant fellowship are the characteristics of relationships which are completely missing in pornography. Pornography is concerned only with the flesh, only with the sensations. It is faithful to business and exploitative relations alone. It has no concern for care or fellowship and thus has nothing to do with any relationship, familial or societal. Clearly, pornography is anti-relationship as it does not care for or respect any relationship. It destroys relationships and has no concern and no value for intimacy – the key to emotional, physical and spiritual relationship, unity and fruitfulness. Pornography does not take any responsibility in the context of sexual behaviour. Individuals are considered to be responsible for their own involvement and performance. Also, there is no concern for accountability in relationships as there is no love or care. In fact pornography promotes infidelity and promiscuity. In the context of pornography there is no accountability for persons and no respect for their dignity as they are treated as mere objects of carnal gratification and exploitation.

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