Personal Narrative: Fifth Child

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Nature leaves me in complete and utter awe. The ability to frighten, calm and excite men and women at all levels amazes me. I think in every person, nature seems to have affected him or her in one way or another. Nature has allowed me to escape from the buzzing chaos of a large family lifestyle.
I take my place as the fifth child of my parents. Being the fifth child also means I am the oldest girl and am in the very middle of nine kids. Business and echoing voices are constant at my house. I never seemed to be at rest when in my own home; there was always someone running around. These circumstances caused me to search for new places of serenity. So, with this in mind, I set out in my maroon Jeep and drove, trying to find a place that would
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So running in the woods, playing war, looking for bugs, and building forts was an immense part of my childhood. The greatest woods I ever roamed are at my cabin in Park Rapids, just four hours north of St. Paul. The colors of each season are so rich surrounding Bottle Lake. I do not know how to explain this innocent, untouched beauty. I liked to set off on a one-man exploration in an old, but trusted, kayak. I would trace the lake close to the shores, looking at all the rocks, fish, and greenery. I found myself surrounded by reeds following an opening, which looked like a deer path but in water. When the reeds tapered away, a small circular bay was hiding. There, the water was crystal clear and calm, reflecting the colors of the trees and sky. This view is so astounding. This bay is most special to me because I felt as if it was a new area, unexplored and untouched by man. I felt lucky to find a place with this much beauty.This hideaway up north is the closest that I have ever felt to nature. I was alone, lost in my own thoughts, and staring out into a wonder that caused my mind to dissipate the fears and tightness that I held within. I hope that every person has a place like

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