Reflective Essay On Health And Social Care Needs Analysis

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1. I have experienced something that could be described as a test of survival for a long time now and it has not been a fun journey. I have suffered with an illness for almost 4 years now. In addition to my stomach illness I began to develop social and general anxiety. In the first few years of being sick I was at the point where I would hardly leave my room because I felt that terrible. My family and I did not know what to do, it was very hard on all of us.

In the very beginning of my sickness I would wake up every morning feeling like I could get sick at any time and it would last all day. It was horrible and very hard to get through since the feeling just would not pass. I would get extremely paranoid during school whenever I could make
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Whether it be going to the Leavenworth High School football games to support her boyfriend or going camping almost every weekend during the summer, we always find a way to see each other. We even just recently went to Walt Disney World together for our 16th birthdays. She gets along with my parents and uncles a little bit too well, they all just consider her a part of the family now. Surprisingly, we never fight at all. We just say we got any hate we could ever have for each other out in 6th grade.

Ash and I were brought together by a mixture of things. Most of it was our love for Disney and art with a little bit of music thrown into the mix. We both would always base our art projects after either a singer or Disney character. It was nice always having a person to bounce ideas or thoughts off of. Our styles of art were also very different, so we were able to take a lot of inspiration from each other as well.
Friendships can be some of the best or worst relationships in your life. They can either be full of drama, full of love or a good mixture of the two. Thankfully, Ashlee and I’s friendship has been full of fun and love. It is weird to think that a little over 4 years ago we hated each other and now we are vacationing together. I really don’t think I could choose a better best friend if I tried, I would not trade her with anyone in the

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