Importance Of Lessons In My Life

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There are many lessons to be learned in life, lessons which are learned through conversations, mishaps, and great experiences. One experience I had was a little bit of all three. It was a conversation, started wrong, but nevertheless ended up being a great experience in which I learned an important lesson, that there are times to give up, and times to not give up, and sometimes even though giving up might seem like the right option, not giving up can lead to great success.
My senior year of High school was hectic. Not only did I have the stress that comes from school work, I also started working too, to hopefully get some experience, and also, have some change in my pocket. I had landed a pretty sweet job at an Insurance company named All State, which though gave great pay, the job did come with its stresses. I had a sales position in the company, which usually involved endless cold calling to random people, which can get sticky at times. One day while doing my usual cold calling, a coworker decided to barge into my office, looking quite damsel in distress like, imploring that she needed a big favor. Something about a stubborn man who wouldn’t sign a consent form, which would be devastating for his policy, and that she would be forever indebted to me, if I
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Third time’s a charm I told myself, ok maybe the fourth time, alright, maybe the fifth time? I ended up calling him 6 times that day, which even I have to say, is pushing sanity and especially pushing professionalism. Any logical person would’ve stopped calling after the second call, but I, haphazardly, had decided against logic. Honestly after the fourth time, it wasn’t even about impressing my pretty colleague, I just wanted to get a sentence, a sentence which wasn’t “who is this” or “what do you want” out of this guy, just so I could get that little bit of satisfaction, and so I could tell myself I wasn’t insane for calling the man six

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