Rockland Event Planning Process

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Industry research
Event planning is summed up as the process of managing a project. These projects can range anywhere from a meeting to a party. In my company I would like to focus my attention on the party aspect of event planning. In Rockland and the surrounding area there is no other company competing for an event planning business and this is the perfect opportunity. The event planning industry is growing at large rates and there is a 44% increase of employment in this decade.
I will not focus on any kind of customers as I believe anyone deserves to have the planning they deserve. If I do not feel fit to tend to this customer as I feel they are asking more than I am capable of, I will politely refer them to someone who will be able to tend to their needs.
Service Analysis
I will plan weddings, children’s parties, retirement parties, Christmas parties, and any other parties. I will provide the professional planning side of these events. Such as budgeting, organizing suppliers and venders if need be, and executing the event.
I will help…
- provide the guest invites as well as send them out.
- the client pick their venue.
- them pick a theme if one is desired.
- take cake
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More of a get together than a business meeting when we talk about the event. When I go to a client’s home to discuss the plan of the event I want them to feel like I’m there to help not to add more stress. Also it’s very important that they understand that I will be making sure everything is to their liking. I will get in touch with them often to make sure everything I do is perfect and that there will be no surprises. I believe with the pricing I have chosen of 10% of their budget for the first 10 hours of planning and 100$ thereafter is the best choice. This will give them a good idea of how many hours it could take to plan their wedding and if they have higher demands or it’s more of a luxurious wedding the cost will make up for

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