Is Ghazali's Argument Of The Caliphate?

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Imam Abu-Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazali is undoubtedly referred as one of the most influential theologians of Islam, and one of its noblest and original thinkers. He belongs to Tus and was born in 1058 AD, where he later died in 1111. He regenerated in his religious era all the spiritual phases developed by Islam.
Islamic thinkers and theologians have various point of views when the character and institutional authority of the caliphate is concerned. Some school of thoughts, for example Al-Ghazali and Al-Marwardi have presented their arguments on this claim, but nevertheless have been either criticized or supported by later Islamic thinkers.
Even though Imam Ghazali disagreed with Mutazaliates claim that the obligatory character of
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Deriving its functional and institutional power from the Shariah, Al Ghazali believes that the Caliphate system is the main authentic type of government in Islam. The authenticity of the Caliphate type of government accepts all demonstrations of a lawful and political nature, and it sets up the Caliphate as the point of concurrence of the Shariah in the group. Thus, it can be concluded that the main character of the Caliph is based on ijma, utility, and the objective of the …show more content…
The authority (Walayah) of various lands and property is legally exercised by the Sultan designated, who must pay allegiance to the Caliph. This simply means that any Sultan who holds power of any particular land and property regardless of whether he meets all requirements is considered legitimate as long as he pays allegiance to the Caliph. On the other hand, Al-Ghazali also stated that Sultan has the majority of the authority for appointing a Caliph. This is further illustrated by the Hadith of Prophet (SAW) that, “Religion is the foundation and the sultan is the guardian, a thing which has no foundation will fall and that which have no guardian will be lost.”
However, it cannot be ignored that Al-Ghazali theory might be seen as being obscurity, that is, having multiple meanings of a particular statement since Al-Ghazali follows the traditional prejudices as well as modern political realism. He undoubtedly believes that caliphate is the most legit form of

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