Coming Up And Sharia Essay

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The Islamic religion seems to always come up when women’s rights are discussed. It is used to sometimes justify why the Middle East has some of the lowest countries on the gender index gap. Is it possible for Women to have equal rights in these Muslim societies? This has been debated among scholars for many years. In general, Sharia leaves room for Women’s rights in almost every aspect. However, some areas have used interpretations to justify their male-dominating patriarchal societies. These societies are misusing the Islamic religion to further their conservative agendas. There are various issues that come up and Sharia is used to justify how certain things take place in these cultures. One thing that is always debated in these societies is the practice of polygamy. Should a man be able to have as many wives as he wants and if so, should there be a limit? There is only one verse mentioned in the Quran that can be analyzed to answer this question. However, “this verse does not enjoin polygamy or deem it an absolute right of men, but rather it …show more content…
However, this is not what should be blamed for it. The first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem. By blaming a religion for a problem which it is not causing is only going to prohibit a solution. Like most religions, Islam uses various methods to define what is ethical. Some of the male-dominated societies try using the religion to justify patriarchy in the country. It also can make it difficult for outside forces and organizations to step in and assist without having a complete understanding of the culture and the religion in that area. However, as seen in the issues of polygamy and divorce, there are options that these societies can take without disrupting their culture. This makes the problem more about fixing the attitudes of the

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