Saudi Arabian Culture: Bedouin Traditions

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Saudi Arabian culture is well enriched and shaped by the Bedouin traditions and Islamic heritage. Their values and traditions are rooted in the Arab customs and Islam teachings which are learned at a tender age from the Quran. The passage of these beliefs from one generation to another has been accomplished through family and school teachings. Essentially, the customs generally expressed include hospitality and dress code, which are evident in the modern world. Islamic beliefs and values often govern various aspects of human lives, such as political, economic, personal and legal lives. The Quran and the prophets’ action are mainly used to provide religious guidance.
What kind of jokes does your family tell or spurn?
Although laughter
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Although we fast during Ramadhan; the holy month, advice on diet is provided to prevent health problems. It is a requirement that normal quantities of food should be consumed mainly from the major food groups like milk and dairy products, poultry, bread and cereal, beans, vegetables and meat. Intake of fruits is also emphasized as a way of enhancing one’s diet. During Eid al-Fitr, the festival is marked by preparation of various tasty recipes, which comprise of traditional dishes. The traditional dishes prepared to celebrate Eid include Sheer Khurma, which is taken for breakfast, and rice dishes such as biryani, pasta and dates. Additionally, soft drinks are usually served in most occasions.
What are your family’s expectations about education?
Education is always viewed as an eye opener for every individual. My family belief that with education I can do anything that I desire. In Saudi Arabia, every parent’s desire is for their children to be successful in life and this is majorly through good education. In Islam, children begin learning at a very tender age, basically by learning the Quran. My family’s conviction in acquisition of knowledge through education pin points the reason as to why they’ve funded everyone’s education in my family.
Who lives with your family or whom do you visit
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They moved in with us last year because they were to study at a school near my home. This was meant to reduce the distance between their home and the school. During weekends and holidays we are bound to visit their parents. My uncle and his wife live 200 kilometers away and the kids usually miss them. During such visits we are often required to spend a day or two so as to give the children time to spend with their parents.
What is the role of language within your family?
Arabic language plays a significant role in understanding the faith of Islam. It thus serves as a common language amid the diverse community of believers. Quran must be memorized and recited in Arabic since it is the language in which it was revealed. Additionally, all prayers are conducted in Arabic language. It therefore necessitates every individual in the family to learn and be conversant with it. We were taught the language at an early age in school and in mosques. Although, Arabic is the main language, we have learnt several other languages such as English that we normally use in communicating with foreigners.
Do you have an

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