Middle East Culture Essay

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In our world there are so many aspects. All of the aspects are come from human life that has many contribute in this world. Those aspects are politics, economic, social, and culture. Culture is one part of the aspect that also has influence in human life. One thing that we should know about the aspect is, the aspect is so many influences in our life and other place. Not only our life, in government life, and in international life also. As well with culture, because of culture at the past some region can develop, but in some case because the culture also some region cannot grow, or may be make progress to primitive ere back to the past. All of place in this world has influenced by the culture, so now I want to discuss one of that culture which has many influence in one specific region.
Middle East is one of famous region in this world which has famous culture also. World can recognize Middle East people just by see and look at them. That because every people from Middle East have some unique characteristic that can be
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Middle East has different quality with other music, that music tends to the strong melodies and it also rhythms which very complex. In Middle East the vocalist more use sound that come out from nasal because their more prioritize nasal quality. That is very different than western vocalist, in western more prefer to use chest sound for sing. That all reason happens because of the different of the culture. Like food, music in Middle East also gets influence by religion culture in Middle East. Now days middle east music try to combines with modern music comes from western. Traditional music from Middle East will be mixed with western instrument that looks so modern. For the example, oud or wooden string instrument from Middle East that usually use will be combined with European lute, and also about the lyrics will be range of topics from religion to

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