Personal Narrative: The Cop

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When I first made it onto Beamer rd. that was when I notice half way down that there was a stall car with their bights sitting on beamer. First thought that came to mind was, “that’s a cop”. So I started to monitor my speed as I approach the parked car. I noticed that it was a cop that I passed. At that second that was then the cop turns around to follow me to the end of beamer. Instantly I thought the cop was running my license plate because they continue to follow without signaling me. Once the street light turn green, that was when the cop turns on their siren, signaling me to pull over. So then I pulled over into a gas station in front of me.
The cop gets out of her car and asks for my license. So I gave it to her, she glanced at it and put it under her badge. Then she asks where I was heading. I told her I was heading home from dropping my friends off at Heritage Park and now I am heading home. So the cop stated that I was going 62 in a 45mile zone. I told her,
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Sits me inside her car and closes the car door. At this moment, I kept telling myself this was a dream, how am I in this situation? How did I get here? Now looking out of my peripheral, I noticed the arrival of the two other man cops and that was when they beginning to search my car. The lady cop puts my purse in the front part of the cop car that I am and continue to search the car with the other police. Then they pulled out the empty beer containers threw them into the trash, and poured out the left over, hardly half full, pint size of fireball in front of the dash camera. After then, one of the cops opens my door and asked if I had my keys so that he could turn my car off. I told him; “they’re in my purse, with the UofH lanyard in the front seat.” So he asked if I needed them and if it was okay to just take the remote. So I said, “Yes.” Then the lady cop opens my door and read me my Miranda

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