Personal Narrative Essay: The Columbus Division Police Case

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On 07/14/17, at 3:30pm I Deputy Warden N. Christian was dispatched to 320 Whitehorne Ave on an injury-possible dangerous or vicious dog. I and The Columbus Division Police (CPD) Officer Shannon #2344 arrived at the above location. I met victim Brandon Stoops, Mr. Stoops stated he was walking west in an alley just south of the above location, when he saw a microwave positioned close to 320 Whitehorne Ave side fence. Mr. Stoops went to go pick up the microwave when a small dark colored dog came out from underneath the fence and chased him. The dog bit Mr. Stoops on his right foot. I asked Mr. Stoops how bad was he injury he stated it was not serious just a scratch. I asked Mr. Stoops if he wanted to pursue criminal charges against dog owner, he stated he didn’t. At this time dog owner Rocio Santos Montes and her son exited the house. I explained that Mr. Stoops was attacked by her dog. …show more content…
Santos Montes invited me into her backyard where she showed me a tie down. I then asked if she knew anything about the incident, she stated she was unaware what transpired. She asked if I wanted to see her dogs, I stated I did. I was shown inside Ms. Santos Montes house, where I saw two small mix breed, one brindle and white and the other black and brown. I asked Ms. Santos Montes if her dogs were current on dog license and vaccinations. She stated her husband has the information for vaccinations. I explained that without proof of dog license and vaccinations there could be violations. Ms. Santos Montes went looking for the information and trying to contact her husband via phone. CPD Officer Shannon knocked on the door. Ms. Santos Montes answered, he stated he was about to clear from the location, at that time Ms. Santos Montes asked CPD Officer Shannon a question in regards to Mr. Stoops asking for $10.00 prior to our arrival. CPD Officer Shannon advised Ms. Santos Montes she don’t have to give Mr. Stoops monies but it is a civil

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