The Importance Of Filibustering

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FOUR: Please discuss the major reasons cited by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, in their book It’s Even Worse Than It Looks, for the extreme polarization and dysfunction that now characterizes our government.

Thomas Mann and Norman Einstein discuss many reasons to explain the dysfunction of the government and the extreme polarization that has occurred in the past decades. One of the reasons for the emergence is the abuse of filibustering. Filibustering is a tactic used throughout politics to impede the opposing party of speaking. Although it could have its benefits, for example when hearing of a demagogue, its use has been abused. With figures like Mitch McConnell stating “ our goal is to make Obama a one term president, “ it is quite
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The abuse of filibustering over the last 8 years has been proof to the enormous dysfunction such a policy can have as the Democratic party time and time again suffered from filibusters. Moreover, the use of false equivalency, that is projecting both sides as equals. This false depiction by the media in an attempt to be fair and neutral creates a scenario where its consumers agree with its content. For example, the media can host a debate about filibustering and bring one Republican and one Democrat from 2008, which will neutralize the argument since both sides are present. The news network, by staying neutral do not explicitly call mistakes towards one side, instead making it seem that both share the blame. Yet, this is dangerous because the consumer due to the attempted non-bias by the media does not receive the full story and thus consequently spread false information.As a result, …show more content…
This includes ensuring the wellbeing of their citizens is not infringed upon by arbitrary laws or other groups. A demonstration of the Swastika , a symbol that reminds many citizens of the horror their they and their ancestors have endured, breaks the stability and peace found in their town. It is not fair to expect the citizens of Skokie to react positively and to remain calm as Nazi’s parade around their town as a mockery to their Jewish background. The tensions surrounding the march, might propel both groups to utilize explicit language against each other, which might provoke physical or verbal violence. The likeliness of violence from the march is extremely high, and if it were to happen the Nazi’s could be charged with multiple offenses including breaching the peace, inciting a riot and vandalism. Therefore, the use these fighting words is not a violation of freedom of speech but also extremely dangerous both . Situations like Skokie supercede the law since they are advocating for respect and basic human decency. If not follow, not only will the idea of the government advocating for its citizens be in question, but also the government is risking the lives of its citizens to riots and violence. The Nazi’s demonstration should be cancelled on the premise that the government needs to avoid putting lives at risk and preserve the peace of their public

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