Criminal Justice Reflection

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I always heard the cliché of children growing up without their biological father in their life and I would roll my eyes at the thought. I understand that questions will always come up but your life is just that; your life. Whether or not your biological parent was there or not should not have an effect on how you turn out as person. I was wrong. I constantly get asked the question of what made me decide to go into the criminal justice field. My answer is always “various factors”. I never went into detail about my decision because I knew it would lead to more questions. Now I’m thinking that I never went into detail because it wasn’t until now that I know the reasoning behind my choice.
At the age of nine I found out that the man who I thought
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Going back to the barbeque case the prosecutor presented the case’s lead detective as a witness. One method that I learned about and got a chance to see was cross examination. This is where the witness is questioned by both sides. During the cross examination, the detective’s investigation was shown to be merely hearsay. The detective also included an anonymous tip line as part of her investigation against the defendant. The defense then argued that since the line was anonymous, anyone could’ve called in and said they were a witness and in all actuality they were no were near the incident. The defense then went on to challenge whether or not the tip line was a dependable source for …show more content…
In the beginning of the class I made it known that I was terrified at just the thought of terrorism. I can honestly say that I was comfortable with being a sheep until I got into studying the criminal justice field. I would be content in sitting in Dr. Hipp’s classes just because of the fact that I knew he carried his weapon on him at all times, this was the only thing that eased my mind. In my head had already deemed him the sheepdog so it was his job to be our protection. By the end of that semester I did something that most sheep wouldn’t do. I leaped. I joined the United Stated Air National Guard in preparation to become a sheepdog. While walking in uniform one day a little boy stopped me and asked me what am I called my response was I am an Airman. I am no longer afraid and neither am I ignorant. I won’t run but I will stand up for the fight. The way I see it is if not me then who? There is an appropriate bible verse that says: Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send? And who will go forth? And I said Here I am! Send me!” Isiah 6:8. I hope that when my name is mentioned whether it’s in the military or in the courtroom, that the reputation that follows is that LaChandra Montgomery is a sheepdog. Again! I ask myself IF NOT ME THEN

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