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  • Hitler Youth: The Destruction Of Their Generation's Youth

    Other sorts of youth groups agreed with using children in this way. After the successful attack by Schirach made a big impact, many leaders among nationalist youth groups willingly joined and submitted their kids to Hitler Youth. Although they were gaining more groups, they still were not happy. They felt as if Jewish youth groups would gain too many strong adolescents, and overpower theirs. After this thought was first announced, all Jewish communist groups were quickly disbanded by Hitler Youth themselves. Even after all of this, the Nazis still didn’t feel they were at an adequate level of power. They began pressuring Protestant groups to put their children into Hitler Youth. Under all of the pressure, the Protestants yielded. Still fearing being overpowered, other groups were made not allowed to gather at all by law. Hitler said that this…

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  • Why Did Hitler Influenced The World

    about how Germany needed to change and fight off what brought them down. “Starting in 1921, he headed a new, angry political party- the Nazis” (Brown). Hitler’s determination, after World War I, to make Germany look better compared to the other countries caused him to create an angry political party called the Nazis. The political group believed that the loss of World War I was the result of betrayal. Hitler soon gave speeches explaining his thoughts about who caused the war. Since Hitler…

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  • Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor In 1933 Essay

    Most historians would agree that the economic depression was the most important reason why Hitler was able to become Chancellor in 1933. It was the cause of all the other significant factors, such as the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic, Nazi policies, propaganda campaigns, and the scheming of Hindenburg and von Papen. The Great Depression was the most important factor that lead to Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933. It caused major economic issues in Germany such as businesses going bankrupt,…

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  • Theme Of Mark Antony's Speech In Julius Caesar

    Have you felt the pain of your friend backstabbing you in the back? Well, Julius Caesar felt that pain twenty-three times but he was stabbed in the back with real knives. Julius Caesar was born in Rome in 100 BC, he rapidly climbed the ladder to Roman politicians. His victories in battles awarded him with people's support, he made allies and enemies along the way. On the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was brutally assassinated by a group of nobles in the Senate House. Mark Antony, who was Julius…

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  • On The Weimar Republic Analysis

    Wilhelm accused Belgium and France of having plans to take land away from Germany (FOOTNOTE, 8). However, when it became apparent that the war effort was not succeeding in favor of their country, German citizens began to oppose the war more vehemently. When the Treaty of Versailles held Germany completely responsible for the war, Germany was plunged into debt in a seemingly never-ending cycle of war reparations. It is clear that Weitz wants the reader to understand the implications of the war on…

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  • Essay On Hitler's Economic Crisis

    resorting to radical parties (such as the newly formed Nazi party) to achieve this change. It will argue the validity of this title and present both sides of the question and mention some of the other factors that served the same purpose as the economic crisis in being a contributing factor in the rise of Hitler, such as the influence of von Papen upon Hindenburg, the Nazi propaganda, the ‘Red Scare’ and its associated flood of votes towards the Nazi party (as opposed to the communists), the…

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  • The Ordinary Man In Peter Fritzsche's Germans Into Nazis

    The startling question you have to ask yourself from reading Peter Fritzsche’s book Germans into Nazis, is what made the ordinary man in the crowd into the “Führer of the Third Reich”. In one of the most famous pictures in the European history you will see a young Adolf Hitler standing in the enormous crowd of people in the “August Days” celebration in Germany 1914. In this celebration you will see the everyday German anxiously waiting to hear the Kaiser speak. This is happened to take place a…

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  • The Kit Kat Club Play Analysis

    The year is 1931, the place, Berlin, and here we see the entrance of a young American writer, Clifford Bradshaw. Later we see the entrance of his love interest, and main attraction of the Kit Kat Club, Sally Bowles. Throughout the play we follow the romance between the two as it grows and develops, and finally fails. We also follow the tragically doomed romance of German Boarding House owner, Fraulein Schneider, and her Jewish suitor Herr Schultz. At intervals every so often we see the Emcee…

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  • Filbert's Contributions

    The mind of a perpetrator is a subject that has fascinated historians, resulting in the study to try and understand these killers. While books on top Nazis such as Himmler and Heydrich are more prevalent when trying to explain the mind behind the Holocaust, Alex Kay 's book, The Making of an SS Killer: The Life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905-1990, looks to shed light on the mindset and conduct behind a mid/ lower level perpetrator. Basing the primary research of his book on archival records,…

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  • Art Of War Essay

    This theory is excerpted from chapter 4 of Sun Zi's Art of War: Strategic of Attack. This theory is the most representative of Sun Zi 's Art of War. From this theory, it states that people who can rigorous review and analysis their own condition can do an objective analysis to know what is their superiority compared to an enemy, in order to carry out strategic and tactical arrangements. After review and analysis, you will discover your weakness and strength, so that you can improve yourself to…

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