Hitler's Rise To Power Essay

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Since the end of World War II, many have questioned what exactly led to the rise of Hitler and Nazi power. Some give Hitler a lot of credit by claiming it was him and his charismatic speeches that led the way, while others claim that racism and propaganda fueled inherent racism already in Germany. It is most likely that the NSDAP (the Nazi Party) and Hitler rose to power due to external social conditions setting the stage for Nazi ideology to gain support.
Germany’s participation in World War I and eventually its defeat contributed to the social conditions necessary for the Nazi party to gain momentum. For a long time, Germany wanted to fight both France and Russia, but could not fight one without fear that the other would step in, which would lead to a devastating loss. It was a dream come true for Germans when Serbian nationalists assassinated Franz Ferdinand and Germany had to
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Ian Kreshaw mentions states the Weber’s charismatic rule exemplifies fascist movements and leaders (Kreshaw 10). Hitler’s power itself is an example because he has a following of believers who see in him not only heroism, but a mission to be accomplished. Kreshaw states that after the fall of the Weimar Republic, decidedly an impersonal power, the people of Germany want a personal power, which they find in Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideology (Kreshaw 11).
External social conditions, such as the defeat of Germany in World War I, the harsh statutes in the Treaty of Versailles, the collapse of the Weimar Republic and of the economy led to the German population’s need for what Weber claims is a charismatic rule. The external conditions set the stage for Hitler and for Nazi ideology to gain support throughout the population and eventually allow the party to take over and dismantle the Weimar

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