Hitler's Use Of Propaganda Essay

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Propaganda: The Cruelty Tool The year was 1933. Joseph Goebbels was made head of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Propaganda was introduced into daily life. However, things were not as they seemed. With the end of World War I, all of the blame was placed on Germany for ramifications and Germany had to pay off war debt as a repercussion. Germany needed a scapegoat. Their choice was the Jews. Propaganda used by the Nazis provided a hidden Anti-Semitic message and provided a falsehood of the treatment of the Jewish people. The question of ‘what is propaganda’ and how is it commonly used’ might be asked. Propaganda “uses words and word substitutes in trying to reach a goal…”(“Defining Propaganda I”). Propaganda is commonly different types of media. It portrays messages among masses of people. Propaganda is “... a form of persuasion used to influence …show more content…
The Nazi regime used propaganda for targeting, influencing hatred of people of a certain culture or religion, and in hopes that it would help create their perfect society. Although the Jewish people were the common victim of the Holocaust genocide, “The Nazis did not just target the Jews”(“Defining the Enemy”). The Nazi propaganda also targeted gypsies, homosexuals, those who opposed Hitler 's rule, and those who did not fit into the perfect society the Nazis intended to create. These ‘inferior’ people were the mentally ill, people with physical disabilities, the deaf and the blind. The Nazis influenced hatred among the nations. Sometimes it was subtle hints like music with Anti-Semitic themes or big hints like that on radio talks or movie reels (Kracauer). The Nazis commonly used statements in their propaganda to promote hatred against Jews (Kracauer). Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party used propaganda to persuade society that the Jewish population was unhuman, that they did not belong and were ruining their perfect

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