The Significance Of The Wall Street Crash In 1929

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In this essay, I will be examining the significance of the Wall Street Crash (WSC) by exploring its impact in socio-economic and political impacts on Germany up to 1934. This will include exploring its significance in terms of unemployment political crises, the rise of Nazis as the largest party and ultimately both the enabling act and the early stages of Gleichschaltung, up to the NOTLK and the death of Hindenburg as well as the Army oath and how this affected the German people. I will also contextualise the WSC by briefly examining how it was significant to ending the Stresemann Years, in 1929.

The Weimar government faced many problems through 1919 till 1924. Some problems such as the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles (TOV) as well as many putsches in Germany caused continuous problems for the Weimar Republic. Another example of such an incidence was the hyperinflation crisis in 1923 that left Germany more crippled than ever before. By 1924, the Weimar government, via the help of Stresemann, was able to recover the economy and bring in an almost ‘golden-age’ to Germany, assisted by Dawes , the Weimar Republic was able to obtain loans and have an easier repayment plan for the TOV, thus allowing
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Hitler made all members of the Armed Forces swear allegiance, not to the Fuhrer or to Germany but to The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, this meant that the armed forces were on his side and to his disposal for attacking other countries. This is one of the least significant links to the WSC, however it is still important as it lead to Hitler having complete control and having very few and weak opponents. This also scared people into siding by him in the hopes of surviving his

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