Essay On Spring Break

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What 's the craziest thing you have done over spring break? It was a beautiful spring day, warm and humid with a cool slow wind, sunny the perfect day and it could only get better. It was the day that we had our trip to the lake planed. All of us got off work and we grouped up at my house. We all decided that we would take my car just for the experience, it is a very fast car that turns heads everywhere. The car is all blacked out with crazy rainbow headlights and ridiculously loud exhaust, not to forget it is a 10 second track car. So with that settled we threw everything in the trunk and we headed off, we drove the entire way there with the windows down so we could feel the warm summer breeze in our face, and the sun on our skin. It was the …show more content…
We speed, and the results were fun while they lasted. We were doing our thing and breaking a few laws from how were driving but that wasn 't the whole problem. The speed limit on this two lane road was 45 because it ran threw a residential area and a golf course, it 's a beautiful road and beautiful cars drive it being in a high end neighborhood. Keep in mind it is spring break so there still is salt on the road, but down in the Lake of the Ozarks they use sand because the salt will hurt the paint on the nice cars. So as we are speeding we get a little crazy, we hit 145mph in the 45 mph zone, which is no problem because we both are good drivers, well at least i thought so. We pass a police officer going the other way, the moment of panic kicks in, you immediately start to sweat you feel your hands get wet your whole body gets hot. He flashes his lights and we knew we had to run, we had no choice we could go to jail for at least a few years. So that 's what we did, Matt being on a street bike was a little faster than i was so he lost me immediately, i lost him in sign so all i could do is worry about

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