Summer Break Paragraph

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Every single person in the world has experienced an event or situation that had dramatically impacted their lives, whether it be good or bad. It is not a question of when it happens, but what happens. Unfortunately for me, I have experienced many unpleasant ones. One in particular, however, completely changed my personality for a significant period of time.

Summer break can be described as a marvelous resting period for students all around the world. The process of growing closer toward the occasion is exhilarating, but once you get there, things don’t always turn out as expected. You’d either be in bed all day or up pulling all nighters just to play video games. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll be off across the other side of the world enjoying
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It seems that they have become more active than when my mother had met them; constantly bouncing around the house and cuddling next to our arms while we laid on the floor. Sometimes, they would even lick the sweat off of our hands (weird, I know, but I have to admit: it was pretty cute). We’ve already gave them a nice, comfortable home of a large mouse cage on top of a small table in the corner of our living room. They were regularly fed and taken care of constantly--probably because we couldn’t take our eyes off of them. Then, one day, my mother had announced that we would go visit my aunt, who lived about a few hours away from home. “We haven’t seen her for months,” my mother would explain, “It’s about time to visit my sister again.” Due to some personal family complications, the chance of my family being able to see my aunt was very slim, so this was opportunity we had to take. Nonetheless, I was very concerned for our family’s little rabbits and I almost refused to go. Eventually, I was convinced by the fact that my dad (who stayed home) could watch over them while we left for a few hours. “Daddy, can you watch and feed the rabbits for me? I want to make sure they stay healthy and safe,” I asked. My dad, who I assumed didn’t even pay attention to my question, agreed. Since I had already left a large piece of food for the rabbits just incase, that was a good enough answer …show more content…
My family had moved to the countryside, where it was quieter and more serene. We now own eight beautiful dogs and three magnificent cats whom I love very much. I have not forgotten about the rabbits, as I have framed pictures of them in my room. I have to say; that event had actually made me stronger and more confidant that before. Now, I’m a happy, proud and ambitious 17 year old who can’t wait to finish high school. In the end, I have learned that things happen in life whether it be with or without reason, you just have to accept it at some point and move on with your

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