Active Volcanoes In Hawaii

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Have you ever dreamed of living in one of the most visited Island in the world, Hawaii? It is one of the most visited islands in the world because it has gorgeous crystal clear beaches and coasts in the world. Not to mention, Hawaii has active volcanoes in which people enjoy because it is one of the few places that people get to see an active volcano up close. However, having a few active volcanoes in Hawaii can be a threat to the island and to the people. It is important to discuss why do people enjoy living in Hawaii, knowing that there is a high probability of danger if one of the volcanoes’ erupts dramatically. How is Volcanic lava events after eruptions have an impact on the ecosystem and human settlement near an active volcano. The …show more content…
Hawaii has recorder statistics on the Kilauea volcano and has been recorder the number of eruption. It was recorded that “fifty-seven eruptions and intrusions occurred at Kilauea between 1960 and 1983, after which the volcano has been in a state of virtually continuous eruption (Bell, Kilburn, 2012).” These earthquakes were mostly predicted by earthquakes, but this is not necessary the main reason for an eruption. When these eruptions occurred most of the magma was transported through rift zones. The statistics recorded of the eruptions within those years were “30% of the eruptions and intrusions were proceeded by prolonged increases in VT earthquakes rate in the caldera; 15% were processed on the south flank, and 55% were processed by local earthquakes swarm related to magma being transported through rift-zones (Bell, Kilburn, 2012).” Nonetheless, it is established that around 70% of these eruptions are connected to the swarms of the lava before or after the events happened. One o the most dangerous zones in the Island Hawaii are the communities or small towns just under the active volcanoes; which are the Kilauea and Mauna Loa because these volcanoes are the most active today around the world. However, the “Kilauea is the most active, most accessible, most safe, and best studied volcano on Earth (Sheth, 2003).” In my opinion, even though the volcano is kept well studied and safe for the public. I consider the area as a danger zone because a volcano can erupt to the point that it will destroy and kill anything on its path. A danger zone would be consider being any area that surrounds these active volcanoes and land a couple miles away. However, people feel safe, thrilled to know they live close to the most active volcano in the world; therefore, these people will keep settling near the dangerous active volcano called

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