Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler And Koffka's Theory

Teaching the clients is a crucial part of nursing. Since I work in the acute rehab unit which is based on extensive teaching. The patients are admitted here after major surgeries like, heart, lung, kidney and liver transplants, injuries from fall, spinal cord injury or recovery after stroke. Before teaching the patients we need to build a trustworthy nurse-patient relationship. It is a communication-based relationship, where nurses are responsible and competent enough to interact, educate, and share information effectively with the patients. When patients trust the nurses they would like to listen and learn from them. The factors that help develop trust are: attentiveness, competence, comfort measures, personality traits, patience and knowledge. …show more content…
They are the pioneers of the Gestalt psychology. The concept of this psychology is, that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. If the wholeness of a particular perception breaks apart, then the meaning is lost (Miller, M. and Stoeckel, P., 2016). Wertheimer thought that thinking proceeds from the whole to the parts, treating a problem as a whole, and permitting the whole to command or dominate over the parts. Kohler focused on the insight learning, which is how we perceive a solution to a problem, it is not dependent on rewards and once a problem is solved, it will be easier to solve a similar problem. Koffka is known for his concept of visual perception, which is perception, learning and memory. Kurt Lewin a German Gestalt psychologist also joined the above three Gestalt psychologists with his field theory of human learning. He is the father of social psychology and is well known for creating group therapy and group dynamics. These theorists have highlighted remarkable cognitive processes in between behaviorism. Besides the external behavior and observation, perception and memory can be studied by introspection. Which means, the examination of one’s own thoughts and

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