The Importance Of Nurse And Patient Relationships

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Teaching the clients is a crucial part of nursing. Since I work in the acute rehab unit which is based on extensive teaching. The patients are admitted here after major surgeries like, heart, lung, kidney and liver transplants, injuries from fall, spinal cord injury or recovery after stroke. Before teaching the patients we need to build a trustworthy nurse-patient relationship. It is a communication-based relationship, where nurses are responsible and competent enough to interact, educate, and share information effectively with the patients. When patients trust the nurses they would like to listen and learn from them. The factors that help develop trust are: attentiveness, competence, comfort measures, personality traits, patience and knowledge. …show more content…
I taught him, how to perform self- injection of subcutaneous insulin. I asked the patient’s preferred learning style and provided a video instruction. Then I gave him the printed materials with an easy to understand and step-by-step pictured instructions to follow, according to his level of understanding. After reading the written instructions to the patient, I demonstrated how to draw insulin from the bottle into the syringe, check the dose, wipe the site with alcohol, pat dry, pinch the skin and inject the insulin. I asked the patient to repeat the instruction and do the return demonstration. I encouraged him to ask question if he have any. After I confirmed my teaching was effective, I let him self-inject the insulin. I reinforced him positively, by telling him that he did a fantastic job in drawing the insulin, injecting the needle by pinching the skin and locked the needle before throwing in the sharp container. Patient felt comfortable and confident. I also made sure that the patient continue to self-inject insulin each time until discharge. My intention was to provide the instruction as a whole and assess the patient’s understanding level. I normally do my teaching in the same way as I mentioned, but this time I felt differently because after learning the Gestalt theory, I could connect my nursing practice with the theory and it also helped me understand the theory better. I considered the wholeness of the patient’s learning. Patient perceived the teaching by watching the video, listening to the instruction, observing the demonstration, learnt by doing it, experienced by practicing and memorized it by repeating. That indicates my teaching was

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