Essay On Uncomplicated Bereavement

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Grief and loss are unpreventable events that most people will experience at least once in their life (Howarth, 2011). Grief is typically associated with death. Nevertheless, grief and loss may be associated with the loss of a limb, loss of function, and so on. Healthcare providers will inevitably have patients and families that experience both. Some clients may have advanced warning that the loss will occur, which may make the grieving process somewhat easier. However, a sudden onset of a loss or death could further complicate the grief process. Healthcare providers must remain aware and neutral, as well as be understanding to ensure that we provide the best care for the parties involved.
Uncomplicated Bereavement “Most people experience a normal grieving process in which they endure a period of sorrow, numbness, and even guild or anger, followed by gradual fading of these feelings as the griever accepts the loss and moves forward” (Howarth, 2011). Therefore, healthcare providers should primarily focus on how the client reacts to the loss or death of a loved one and uses those reactions when determining a course of treatment. At some point the process of reconciliation occurs. This process is when the client has accepted the death or loss and has found a way to adjust and move on
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However, since grief goes far beyond the “perfect world” scenario, healthcare providers could reasonably expect some clients to experience complicated grief. Complicated grief is defined by an interruption in the bereavement process without resolution (Howarth, 2011). Some may have “trauma” experiences that serve as reminders of their deceased loved ones (Howarth, 2011). These experiences not only interfere with bereavement, but they also prevent reconciliation and may cause physiological and psychological distress equivalent to those that occurred at the time of the loss (Howarth,

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