Smurfette Principle Analysis

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Since 1991 when The Smurfette Principle was written a lot of things have changed; mostly for the better. Movies, shows, politics, and the workforce have become a lot more female centered. However, there is always room for improvement in any area; I feel we are leaps and bounds ahead of how things used to be. Today I will thoroughly explain how things have changed for the better, for the female sex since Katha Pollitt’s essay was written over twenty years ago. As a mother of a preschool-aged little girl, I have seen my fair share of Disney movies. Movies such as Tangled, Mulan, Frozen, and Brave are some of the many movies that have come out since 1991, that are not about poor defenseless girls, with nothing in mind but meeting their prince …show more content…
Mom starring Michael Keaton came out long before the Smurfette Principle, yet it was more comical than an actual reality. The 80’s were definitely not a time of female liberation, but the movie did show a glimpse of the future. This movie shows the husband staying at home with the kids, while his wife rejoins the workforce. This has become a reality for many American households and not considered as taboo. My own sister works while her husband stays at home with their eight month old baby, and it’s working out wonderfully. She has a very important position at a pharmaceutical company, and is not alone with the increase of important female positions growing in the United States. According to, “For those keeping score of women on the Fortune 500, here’s some good news: The definitive ranking of America’s biggest companies boasts some 24 female CEOs, up from 20 a year ago, and more than at any point since Fortune started compiling executive gender in 1998.” (Web).This may sound like a minute number; however, compared to twenty years ago this number has quadrupled. I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement because there definitely is, but it’s amazing how things have progressed in a short time. Think of where we will be twenty years from

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