Kawasaki Ninja 250R

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  • Personal Narrative-My First Motorcycle

    for because you just might get it”. Those were the words that raced to my mind on a breezy winter morning as I my body had an impromptu intimate meeting with the damp asphalt, my limp body rolling across the black top like a bowling ball only never to reach the pins. Just continuing to roll and roll occasionally saying hello to the beautiful lavender sky before being reintroduced to my new lover, Mr. Asphalt. Upon finally reaching a stop, and trying to prop myself up my left wrist snapped backwards like a twig, and once again I became acquainted my new unforgiving best friend, asphalt. Although my wrist was broken, my wish was granted all the same. Good ole’ reliable got traded up and gave welcome to my first real motorcycle a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250r, it was obsidian black and smooth as glass. The sun reflected off it like glass that had just been polished which it actually had curtesy of my dad. I had never ridden a motorcycle a day in my life, so with no real concept of riding other than some videos I had watched on the almighty YouTube I straddled my iron pony and held on for dear life. The acceleration was like nothing I had ever experienced, one twist of the bottle and your head is left behind while your body races down the street like the headless horseman searching for…

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  • Naruto: A Fictional Narrative

    "Ok class! Today we're having a lesson outside!" Iruka was another average chūnin ninja, although he was next to the only one nice to Naruto. As usual, Naruto stumbled I the classroom, late as always. His hair was spiked in every direction possible, in fact he still had drool seeping out of his mouth. Naruto wasn't only the worst student but worst dressed on most occasions. Wearing bright colors just to get noticied. The class followed Iruka outside and he began his lesson. "Alright, we're…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day Off Of School

    Snowflakes fall gently from the sky, tickling the end of [Y/N]’s nose, tempting to stick out her tongue and have a taste. But that’s ruined by the icy air whistles around [Y/N]’s air, causing her skin to tingle and sting. Fingers and toes are numb. [Y/N] tries to warm her hands as she gets to school. “Man, why can’t they cancel school today?” [Y/N] manage to say. “It’s so freaking cold!” She adjusted her hat and scarf as she snuggles inside the many layers of clothes. Nobody attempts to try…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Cartoons Vs 2010s

    more on originality and keep to the focus of the main ideas for the show. Cartoons are animated ideas of art. They showcase originality and imagination, however, children who have grown up with the 2010s era cartoons are more likely to be less original and less imaginative than those who did grow up in the eras of originality. Your mindset is revolved around your perspectives and experiences. You are what you watch. What makes the 1990s era better than the 2010s era? The 1990s era was the…

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