Embracing Cultural Differences: Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

1) General Statement
Embracing cultural differences can stimulate our minds in ways that challenge us to understand the world from different perspectives. Captivating young minds to become knowledgeable about other ways of living, as well as improving cultural awareness, is essential to dissolve the artificial barriers that separate us. It would be a privilege to play a part in such an important affair.

My interest in Japan was aroused in 2014 when a friend introduced me to a YouTube channel focused on Japanese culture. The channel’s presenter was a JET programme participant who still lives in Japan. From that point onwards, I developed a curiosity towards Japan, which has consequently led to an admiration for Japanese
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Being able to promote global understanding amongst Japanese students is something I feel enthusiastic about. I would bring positivity and energy to the position as well as all other facets of my life in Japan including activities that I would hope to be involved with both inside and outside of school.

Though I have not experienced living abroad for an extended period, I understand that it is imperative to remain flexible and adaptable. Moreover, specific experiences in my life, including my trip to Japan, have taught me that it is essential to remain culturally sensitive as well as the importance of accepting difference. Indeed, I believe embracing difference is the very way in which we can learn to understand the world from new perspectives. I have demonstrated adaptability numerous times throughout my life. When moving to university, I adapted to multiple changes such as meeting new people, living in a new area away from my family and generally being independent and self-reliant. Furthermore, from 2009 until 2014, I was a member of the Combined Cadet Force where I reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. I was involved in a variety of activities that required adaptability and

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