Essay on My Reflection On Indian Culture

1572 Words Nov 25th, 2014 null Page
My reflection: I have lived in India till 22 and moved to USA after finishing my bachelor’s degree. I respect Indian culture and I try to follow Indian customs. I always thought my values reflect Indian culture before coming to the class. When I initially came to US from India, I found many differences between both the cultures and I needed time to adjust to the customs and practices in USA. In India, Salutation is very important while addressing people. Indians try to avoid confrontation. Punctuality is not critical in India, but in America punctuality is very critical. I felt bad when I started doing a part time in the grocery store. After a while, I got used to it and started enjoying the job. The owner of the store respected me and he paid attention to my opinions. This was a huge boost for me morally. I was an introvert and I did not like talking to strangers. As I started working in the store, I had to make conversations with customers as part of my job. I initially did it half-heartedly, but I started loving conversations with customers after a while. I became friends with most of the customers. There is a large power distance in India and the opinions of employees are not taken seriously by some management. In India, low-income workers do not receive the same respect they would receive in USA.I believe these experiences made me a better person .Today, the American value that…

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