Indian Culture Research Paper

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Culture has been said to be beliefs or behaviors that constitute a way of living. In this case, the food my family eat has been greatly influenced by the Indian culture. I have grown up in India and Indian culture and norms have remain part of my life. From our childhood we are taught to have our meals together and while having our meals we are taught about the importance of family and why we eat food and the benefits of eating food. After coming to the USA, everybody in the family has been busy. Besides, it is quite interesting that my entirely family eats any kind of food except I, because am a pure vegetarian and I am allergic to some types of food such as eggs and seafood.
However, we still manage to have one meal a day together and then
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Not having breakfast makes you short tempered and gives you a headache. My day starts with having methi thelpa (Indian bread with fenugreek leaf), yoghurt and walnuts. I love eating Indian food because it gives me so much satisfaction in that I become full and it gives me energy for the day. Eating walnuts for breakfast is greatly influenced by culture as was explained by my dad and my grandpa during my childhood that walnuts look like brains and having them in the morning makes your brain stronger. Eating walnuts every day since childhood has become my …show more content…
Sharing food with my family helps us learn the importance of family and cultural traditions. In my family while having dinner we are not allowed to use phones because my dad says that mealtime is family time, so we should only concentrate on eating and talking with family members.
Extended family gatherings around food are part of Indian tradition. Our extended family gathering is where more than two or three families get together and make our traditional foods. As my dad says, nobody knows what tomorrow holds so spend time with the people who love you and the people you love. My family has been in the USA for more than four years and there is a day every month when we all get together, talk about culture, pray together, eat together and have fun together.
In our family get together, my mom and my aunt make our traditional dishes as we watch them and learn. They teach us to make one dish every time and ask us to prepare it by ourselves when we get together and that the rule we have been following for generations. At that night we have rice, curry, chapatti, and sweets. Every month we have different traditional dishes. Even staying in USA with our busy schedule, we still adhere to our rule of having dinner with our whole extended

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