Dominican Food Culture Essay

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Food Culture Dominican Rep/ Ecuador Food has been part of my life since I was eight and now. Looking back to my childhood, I always remember my mom cooking arroz blanco y frijoles rojos ( white rice and red bean)with addition with that goes with hornear pollo ( bake chicken) for dinner. I can smell for cooking upstairs from my room and that always make my sister and I run downstairs of her dominican foods. My dad would occasionally would cook also, I love how he cooks the ecuadorian ceviche; I like how it has so many colors and seafood in the dish. In special occasion such as Christmas Eve, all of my dominican family from my mom side would come over to my house and so does my ecuadorian family from my dad side. Everyone would bring some …show more content…
She taught me how to make chicken empanadas for lunch. She first show me how to make the dough and shape it into flat circle and properly cook the chicken. She taught me everything about cooking and some techniques useful for the culinary field. From her I develop the skills and the knowledge to use equipments properly. Looking back has helps me to be more creatives ideas of my meals. To demonstrate, for my grandmother chicken empanadas she used shredded braised chicken along with raisins, my empanadas I decide to use guava paste and white hispanic cheese. She motivated me to be creative and try to use new ingredients to benefit my ideas. Today, I can be very creative when I cook my meals, and also other things such as decorating hall and given out beauty ideas for special events.I feel as though spending a lot of time with her makes me be confident to do almost anything. When I cook the same meal as she did before, I am not only trying to represent her recipes. I am represent my nationally as a half dominican who love her caribbean nation. When I cook at home, school, or work I have that motivation and the skills to represent myself and my

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