Ecstasy And Lottery By Jeanette Winterson Analysis

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n Art Objects, Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery, by Jeanette Winterson, she stresses that art objects have another language of its own. Winterson since interested in Modernism, came to know about Roger Fry, after reading a biography on him by Virginia Woolf. Winterson’s initial experiences to the museum were unnerving, because of the crowd and, multiplicity of artworks, her failure to admiring art at first attempts, lack of exposure to contemporary arts, and, unfamiliarity towards some art objects.
However, Winterson’s first visit to the museum was very different to my experience. My experiences in the museum were unique to hers because of the fact that she felt inconvenience, distraction and, discomfort, viewing the artworks whereas I was neither bothered, nor distracted by staffs, or passers-by. For instance, she explains when experiencing work of arts at the museum, she felt like being in a circus, and staring at a work of art for an hour was a tough moment. In addition, she addressed the inconvenience caused due to thick curtain screens over the paintings. She expressed that the curtains, hinder the viewers from enjoying the artwork in display. Moreover, the thick curtains serve as a
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She insists, that viewers will no longer be confused about the purpose of artworks, and have biased false expectations; after getting exposed to contemporary arts. According to Jane Deeth, “Contemporary Art is not just a visual experience, but it has got much more to do with listening.” I support both the claims of Winterson and Deeth. Moreover, I believe that comprehending the storytelling of an art is a two-way process; we as viewers should be exposed to the language, literature of art, and, the context; how and when the art was

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