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  • Theme Of Alienation In Kafka's Metamorphosis

    story of Gregor Samsa, a man who wakes up as a giant cockroach one morning and the self-realization he goes through as a non-human being. This tale is analogous to Karl Marx’s theories about capitalism and alienation since these theories state the issues with the capitalist system and the effect work has on individuals. For instance, Karl Marx’s theories about alienation of the worker states that workers are alienated from other human beings, producers are alienated the products of their labor,…

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  • Scandinavian Penal Exceptionalism Analysis

    “Scandinavian penal exceptionalism is a penal philosophy which reflects the values inherent in social democratic corporatism.” “The roots of penal exceptionalism in Norway have derived from the Soria Moria Declaration, which expresses the government’s positioning regarding important fields of social policy”. (Criminologist, 2007) “This principle purpose is to increase the volume of the government’s policy with a new view into developing and improving life in and outside of prison”. With the…

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  • The Communist Manifesto By Adam Smith

    to survival at that time. He wrote a book, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, which describes the origins of Capitalism in great details with petty examples of this logic set in motion. On the other side of the spectrum, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both produce a collaborative piece called The Communist Manifesto which heavily criticizes the bourgeoisie, and pushes for a lifestyle in which all property is government owned; eliminating the class system and having…

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  • Essay On Marxist Theory

    CRITICAL: MARXIST & ANARCHIST THEORY While realist theory holds the accumulation of power to be at the heart of conflict, Marxist tradition applies this principle in the economic domain; it regards capitalist-dependent economies and desire for fiscal advantage as providing the driving force behind global conflict. Lenin describes a race for resources as creating conditions for future warfare “The more capitalism is developed, the more strongly the shortage of raw materials is felt, the more…

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  • Analysis Of Privilege, Power, And Difference By Ben Johnson

    From the time we are born we are fed the lies of capitalism. We are raised in a society that hides the ones that are hurt by this powerful mindset. These people are swept under the rug to be dealt with later. Johnson and Robbins have very influential ideas about capitalism. Johnson writes about the matrix of capitalist domination. In this section he tries to explain the complexities of privilege and how privileges relate to one another. Johnson takes us back to when capitalism first began to…

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  • Capitalism In American Culture

    Culture is rooted deep into America. American values and society can all be attributed to capitalism and to culture. Capitalism has, in its short lifetime, captivated and controlled societal interests in America. It is not merely enough to say that capitalism has not only become our only economic system, but it is something that has become so abstract and undefinable. In today’s modern society, people no longer think about capitalism or market interactions. All they think about are the goods and…

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  • Globalization: The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

    include reduction of global trade restrictions, more open international diplomacy, and increased telecommunications; which can be summed up as a process called globalization. By these means, here has also come several externalities which were outlined by Karl Marx, in such a manner that there is allusion to his society in his manifesto. The current trading systems available with Globalization will drive the capitalist system into a more Marxist manner due to more stagnating economies of scale…

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  • Thomas Hart Benton Analysis

    Thomas Hart Benton, along with a few other artists including Grant Wood and John Stuart Curry were a part of a modern art movement called regionalism. Romance (Fig. 1) was one of the many paintings that Thomas Hart Benton created during this time, the painting was made with mediums of tempera and oil varnish glazes in gesso panel on board and is 45 1/4 inches by 33 1/4 inches. Romance represents everything that a painting created during the Regionalism era should represent. The painting also…

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  • Fast Food Corporations

    However, just like in 19th century, nowadays workers are viewed by capitalist society as an “abstract idea with a stomach that needed to be filled”. ( Karl Marx on Alienation, BBC Radio 4) Therefore, division of labour, that is now applied to so many factories, does not allow the workers to express themselves, and consequently, their job turns into a long torture with no satisfactions. That is when workers…

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  • Comparative Politics: Structures And Choices By Lowell Barrington

    “Money makes the world go ‘round” is a statement that has littered the world’s vocabulary from wealthy entrepreneurs to lower-class working citizens. It’s something that individuals across the globe recognize. However, the truth of the matter is, that without legislation and law, there would be no planet for society to make money on. Obviously this is a delicate balance that, if threatened, can cause complete pandemonium. The reason that this is so delicate is that, to be blunt, economics is a…

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