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  • Socialism Vs Capitalism Essay

    In today 's world, it is all about how much money you can make with the least amount of expense for yourself or your company. Meaning paying your employees with the least amount of money that you can and expect the same amount of work for less. Our jobs are depleting, they are going overseas for cheaper labor so that companies can make more profit. What is this? Capitalism, today 's economic system. Where the rich get richer and the poor get more poor. The solution? Socialism, where everyone has…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Marx And Engels Account Of Technological Rationality

    In the following essay I will first outline Marx and Engels account of the necessary trajectory of capitalism towards the global proletariat class. Then outline Marcuse’s account of the emancipatory struggle having been rendered obsolete by a new technological rationality. Following this, I will briefly agree with Marcuse that we are enframed within the technological rationality however it does not follow that history will not develop into some other form of subjectivity. Lastly, I will argue…

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  • George Herbert Mead Psychological Perspective

    George Herbert Mead, was an American sociologist from the late 1800s. He was born in 1863 and died in 1931. His study was primarily based in the Chicago school of sociological thought. Mead was and to this day is, one of their most prestigious sociologists from that school. He is also regarded as one of the founding fathers of social psychology in America. Mead was also a psychologist and philosopher and one of his most famous works was his theory of the social self, which incorporated the…

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  • Social Contract Theory: Hobbes And Rousseau

    Social contract theory concentrates on the innovation of the laws and states, and the impact states or controlled communities have on an individual. All types of social contract theory can eventually come down to this: the aspiration for security, or well-being, requests for satisfaction through a common compliance. This common understanding changes the human domain from the natural, primitive state, into a composed society. In spite of the fact that the idea of the social contract is…

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  • Communist Manifesto: Applying A Marxist Point Of View

    share. The key words in these sentences are; teach, learn and share. Fellow classmates and Mrs. Cavalheiro human beings are sadly not perfect and are selfish creatures. How can we solve this problem and learn to share? The answer is pure communism. Karl Marx was a philosopher and revolutionary who wrote the Communist Manifesto, he knew exactly how communism should be applied therefore I will be applying a Marxist point of view. We live in a capitalist society with some social characteristics…

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  • Marxian Class Theory: Marx's Manifesto Of The Communist Party

    THE BOUGEOISIE, THE PROLETARIATS AND CLASS STRUGGLE: MARXIAN SOCIOLOGY Sociology of Class conflict Marxian sociology is also called “The sociology of class conflict.” The main idea of Marxian Class Theory is to be found in the opening of his “Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1848” which reads as follows: “The history of the hitherto existing society is the history of the class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebian, lord and serf, guild-master and journey man, in a word,…

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  • Comparing Marcuse And The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

    Marx and Marcuse had similar, but somewhat different, ideas on how society should function, and how the troubles of their society are hurting humanity as a whole. In this essay I will explain what each of their point of views are and analyze how their opinions of the past relate to our society today. On pages 474 and 475 of the Communist Manifesto, Marx explains how the bourgeois came into power. The bourgeois rose into power as the feudal system began failing. The falling of the feudal system…

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  • Karl Marx Capital Book Report

    I feel particularly ashamed that I wasn 't able to read the book of Karl Marx “Capital” ( 1 st edition, 1867) until now. In 2018 it will be the Birthday of the 200 years of Karl Marx, and I feel the obligation to read Capital before. The book is a classic of economic science, written from the standpoint of the labor theory of value. Through this book we discover the idea of the fundamental materialism of Marx. The work of Karl Marx is the culmination of classical political economy, he had a…

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  • Private Property In Hegel's Estranged Labor

    In Philosophy of Right, Hegel argues that private property is an essential component of the expression of external freedom. In “Estranged Labor,” Marx argues that private property is the culmination of alienated labor and thus represents unfreedom. In this paper, we will discuss what Hegel means by external freedom, why such freedom is necessary, and why he considers the ability to accumulate and hold private property to be essential to such freedom. We will then discuss Marx’s notions that the…

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  • Essay On Communitarianism

    In many ways, Hegel's criticism of the universal notion of rights is shared by the communitarian philosophers. These thinkers hold that the problem with modern society is that people are estranged and fragmented from their communities and reduced to a series of competing individuals. This alienation of the individual from their community is precisely known as alienation, and is used by communitarian philosophers to critique the notion of economic and social liberalism. The individual in the…

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