Karl Jaspers In The Film Conspiracy, By Frank Pierson

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The most looked up inevitable living organism in this world is man. With his rational capabilities, other species cannot have a say over it. It takes a lot of thinking for a well formulation of a description to a Man. Through the passing of time; the different atrocities of the society from its defining origin to the obstacles that life may give have heavily burdened him or her.

Karl Jaspers himself has experienced the unfairness a life can give, situations that could cripple you down in one corner. He is a German in his own right as determined by his DNA. He is a renowned psychologist turned philosopher who teaches at the University of Heidelberg. His change of heart to be a philosopher has three eminent reasons and these are: 1.) He
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The Nazi rule has downplayed many abuses over the existence of humankind. It violated the right of an individual to be free to live and its right to choose on what he intended for his own life. The Jews were heavily abused for its perception of having the weakest bloodline of all the races in the world done over the totalitarian rule of the government of Hitler. With all the experiences of Jaspers and his wife under Nazism, it made him of being an anti-Nazi and criticizes its undesirable actions to humanity. The actions done in the conference coincides with Jaspers conception of the realization of existence where this can be defined under two conditions: the experience of boundary situations and existential …show more content…
“Philosophy of logic sought to depict the entire matter of systematic connections (1957, The Philosophy of Karl Jaspers).” It was written with regard to the disaster of untruth, of distorted truth, and of evil. It serves to rip off every truth. It is to communicate and expose the hidden injustices and to be transparent. It is through this philosophy where you can voice out your ideal and aspirations especially to the society. It is where your very reason is being used. The responsibility of each person lies on how he will make use of his reason for the goodness of humankind and accepting its very own existence and not destructing of what makes him and will make him as a

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