Islamic Art Essay

“Art is man’s nature; and nature is god’s art” ( Bailey 357). Art is created in all cultures, but specifically in Islamic art the nature of Allah is explained through patterns, themes, etc. This is one approach that the Islamic people took in order to explain, understand, and worship their god. Islamic art does not simply serve the purpose of being decorative, but it is also used for worship by exhibiting honor for Allah, their god. Islamic art is not only for the benefit of Islam, it also serves the basic purpose for which art is known, to be beautiful. One definition of art is, “decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter ( Merriam-Webster). There are several types of Islamic art such as calligraphy, vegital and floral art, geometric art, mosaics, and stained glass windows. Calligraphy is the art of rounded and connected writing. Vegetal and Floral art are used to add decoration to pieces such as scrolls or other texts while also displaying an abstract rendition of the natural world and its elements. Correspondingly, geometric art is the use of patterns and …show more content…
Arabesques were devised to symbolize Allah, since using his likeness was prohibited. Arabesques are a combination of two other elements of Islamic art, vegetal art and geometric patterns. The importance of Arabesques is in the thematic idea that is portrayed in repetition of the patterns, because the repetition is representative of Allah’s perfect and infinite nature. Typically, Arabesques are carved into religious buildings; one famous example of this is on marble on the Taj Mahal (Parker). Obviously, because Arabesques are used on the Taj Mahal they are not solely Islamic, but they are so prevalent in Islamic Art that they have been named “, “the definitive characteristic in all Islamic art," according to Rachida El Diwani, a comparative literature professor at Alexandria University in Cairo, Egypt

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