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  • Personal Narrative: My Three Goals In Life

    "Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation (pin).” This quote helps me boost my morale when something goes wrong, and I go back to edit my three goals in life I want to achieve the fact is I have been accumulating these goals during the years. My goals are different from other people yet they are important to me, and I will explain the reason why I chose these three goals well writing. My first goal is to finish my college degree in Business Administration, my second goal is to travel the world, and my third goal is to adopt a child. Getting my college degree is my first goal because with that I will be able to achieve my other goals and make new ones. This goal comes with some benefits that I appreciate like the college education better people skills, a better knowledge, better pay, it open more opportunities and doors in a professional level. Another thing I defined as a benefit is that I will be about to help my family financially and they will be proud of me achievements because in my family both my parents did not finish their education. The highest level of education my parents had was Elementary school, so my parents always push us kid to get a better education. In my family of five I am the only one that has a high school diploma so the decision of advancing in my education has not been easy because I cannot ask my family for help. With a career I will have a good job that…

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  • Elisa Early Childhood

    Elisa is an educator with a school district in North East Texas, a wife, and a mother of two young children. She was born in McAllen, Texas and shortly after her birth her family moved to Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico, where she was raised by her mother and father. She is the eldest child, with two younger siblings. Elisa has lived in North East Texas for about ten years now and is the only child that does not currently live in Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico. Although she communicates regularly…

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  • Essay On Mexican Drug War

    The “War on Drugs” is a term frequently applied to a movement of military aid and intervention and prohibition of drugs, with the objective of reducing the illegal drug trade globally. One notable site of this “War on Drugs” is Mexico where the campaign has developed into what is known as the Mexican Drug War. Due to its geographic location, Mexico has been used as a conveyance point for narcotics and contraband between markets in Latin America and the United States. The Mexican Drug War is a…

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  • Los Zetas History

    Osiel was born May 18, 1967 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Before working for the gang called the Los Zetas, he was a mechanic for his home city of Matamoros. He is now currently known to be both a drug lord and a murderer. The other founder of Los Zetas, Arturo, was born January 13, 1976 in Puebla, Mexico and then later died at the age of 26 on November 21, 2002 at Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Arturo was known for growing up in a poor family in the city of Puebla and joining the Mexican Military…

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  • Why Is Hispanic Culture Important To Me

    The Hispanic culture is significant to me because I am Mexican as well. I was born in Brownsville, Texas but grew up in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and I speak both languages fluently. People always stereotype us by mostly saying negative comments and making jokes all the time. Being Hispanic defines being a hard worker, humble, the pursuit of happiness, and to never forget your roots. To be Mexican, it means to be proud of your ethnicity. It means that we work hard every day to get what we want.…

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  • Mexican Maquiladoras Essay

    least two types of labor actions. The first was focused on worker contracts and the right to control internal labor conditions. Quintero associates this action with traditional labor unions. It is traditional union action and it has been very common in the city of Matamoros. The second type of action was the formation of ghost (white) unions or protection unions. The formation of these organizations was in direct response to the needs of the business owners and their desire to control workers.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Throwing Down The Gauntlet On My Life

    “Throwing Down The Gauntlet On My Life” I’m a junior at Presbyterian Pan American School. I was born in Brownsville, Texas, but since my parents are Mexican nationals, I grew up in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In 2013, my parents told me to “pack your bags” you are going to Kingsville, Texas. I came to Texas three years ago to attend Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS), a senior private boarding school in Kingsville, Texas, on an academic scholarship. Talking about different aspects…

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  • Los Zeta Research Paper

    in which they are still with and it is still called Los Zetas. This issue is just like many others in Mexico. There are drug cartels all over Mexico and they are really dangerous with Los Zetas being the most dangerous. Los Zetas has killed more than 60,000 people since 2006. The drug trafficking goes on throughout all of Mexico. The groups are always in a constant state of battle because if they are not off fighting another drug cartel for land and power, then they are often fighting the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey Of An Immigrant

    place for the rest of your life to have a future. In Mexico is hard to progress when you come from a small house with 6 siblings and a poor upbringing with an alcoholic and abusive mom while dad does everything to feed 8 kids - this why I took to journey to America. He was the youngest out the six his older brother in America doing great his house and a car with money that is all he taught during his childhood. So right After high school with the money he had been saving he bought a coyote…

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  • Humorous Period Narrative

    memory. I felt confident in myself so I rejected his offer, but 30 minutes later, I regretted my decision. The ceremony begins, and my friends Pedro, Eduardo, Santos, Carlos and I will host the ceremony. Everyone has different parts but, I think I got the hardest part. At the time, I was not nervous at all, I was the 4th person to speak. Pedro opens the ceremony, he welcomed the flag, our classmates, teachers, and staff. After that, Pedro leads the flag to the middle of the auditorium. My…

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