Al Qaeda Tactics

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Constituency Al-Qaeda and its jihadist members use more social media than you would have ever guessed. Though these jihadist websites Al-Qaeda encourages the faithful and also threatens their enemy on the same web page. Al-Qaeda has its own production company known as As-Sahab. Similar to a Hollywood studio. The production company has a good understanding of what content will attract an audience and how to shape the Al-Qaeda message (citation needed research page). You won’t be able to find As-Sahabs videos on YouTube or anything but they are not that hard to find, any web user can easily find them, and the selection is wide. Al-Qaeda takes recruitment seriously, recognizing that potential martyrs require convincing that their sacrifice will …show more content…
The war on terror has cost countries trillions of dollars. Terrorist organizations love making their enemies waste money. It is part of their strategy to “strangle the enemy financially.” As explained in the strategy section, terrorist understand that terrorism is tough to counter. It is like fighting ghost, because they are able to easily blend in. Considering all the money that the U.S has to allocate due to Al-Qaeda, again it can be seen as an achievement in part of Al-Qaeda. Out of the four strategies described in the “strategies” section, we can agree that Al-Qaeda has accomplished at least three out of the four strategies that they have in motion. The second strategy that they have accomplished is to “overwhelm their enemy.” The problem with terrorism is that you never know when an attack is coming. That is what instills fear in people. All the countries that have been effected by Al-Qaeda’s reign of terror has now been forced to spend billions of dollars on security. Before the war on terror people didn’t think twice about traveling. Now in the U.S every time people fly there is that thought in the back of your mind that you could be a potential target. Also in other places like London where their public transportations have been targeted. Another strategy that Al-Qaeda has been able to achieve is “have the enemy fight against themselves. “Now more than ever there is a lot of racial tension and divide in the U.S. This is what these extremist want they want to instigate the situations at hand. That is why even Americans are being radicalized and attacking their own citizens. A perfect example of Al-Qaeda trying to take advantage of the racial divide. “Videos aimed at a U.S. audience to Black Americans, which features Zawahiri criticizing Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice and introducing video clips of Malcolm X talking about the unfair treatment of African Americans. This

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