Al-Qaeda Research Papers

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After the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda outdone the government to be the world 's most obnoxious terrorist organization. Al-Qaeda means “the base" in Arabic and the amount of terrorists are ordered by Osama bin Laden. In addition, Osama bin Laden was killed in a united action by the U.S. army in May 2011 (Hayes, L., & Brunner, B.).However, people believed that this group will be encouraged to look for a revenge from this incident, whereas others questioned if they will continue without their ultimate leader, Osama bin Laden. In June, U.S. executives broadcasted that once looking through the documents and computer files occupied from bin Laden, they established their statement that Afghanistan and Pakistan people who are a …show more content…
They effected and violently forced the Islamic law. They also ruined many prehistoric books and documents and destroyed tombs, saying that worshipping the devil, violates the views of Islam. Meanwhile in September 2012, rebels equipped with aircraft weapons and rocket forced grenades fired at the Americans in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other group administrators (Canada, G ). U.S. administrator of state Hillary Clinton said the U.S. assumed that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, another group associated with Al-Qaeda, arranged the terrorist attack. But in January 2013, rebels went into the southern part of Mali, in the region controlled by the government (Canada, G) . France directed about 2,150 troops to Mali to get the rebels out (Canada, G). However, by the end of January, French troops pushed the rebels out of Gao and Timbuktu, obliging them back to northern Mali. Armed forces from other African countries were also organized to Mali to support in the effort. Also in January, Islamic rebels went to Algeria from Mali and took loads of foreign hostages at the BP-controlled In Amenas gas field. Algerian executives said the rebels were participants of an outgrowth of A-Qaeda called Al Mulathameen and were acting in revenge for France 's interference in Mali. Algerian groups took arise and attacked the hostage takers. By the end of the standoff, 29 rebels and 37 hostages were killed (Canada,

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