Al Qaeda

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Al-Qaeda is a largely organized terrorist group whose terroristic activities continue to occur all over the world affecting all nations that have experienced and suffered through one or more of their horrific attacks. Osama bin Laden was the one who started this group with the goal of joining the Muslims and Arabs with a common belief and the same ideas. He began this group of terrorists with the purpose of alleviating the Soviet Union from invading. His thought process of conquering leadership and nations considered dissident is totally significant to this terror group. Al-Qaeda totally believes that the United States supports this type of system and government. The group consists of extremely experienced people, and they maintain all the …show more content…
In the middle of the 1990s, Bin Laden wanted to transform the movement and focus on what he felt was the larger enemy, the United States, undermining these regimes. For new jihadist recruits, joining Al Qaeda and giving their word and allegiance to Bin Laden would give them access to the many things they needed: weapons, money, support, training and expertise led by the many training camps offered by Al …show more content…
Targeted were some of the city’s prominent monuments, including the Lincoln tunnel and Holland tunnel, Statue of Liberty, George Washington Bridge, the Federal Building, the United Nations and one located around the Diamond District. Several Jewish diamond businesses populated this area. While the terrorists were in the process of making bombs and mixing the chemicals, their warehouse was raided by United States FBI agents and twelve men were arrested.
In October of 1993, two United States helicopters in Somalia were shot down from the sky. There were 18 American men killed that day by Somalis who were coached and trained by Al-Qaida. Al-Qaida reported to their people that over 100 Americans were killed during this attack. Consequently, the United States left Somalia and Bin Laden claimed victory.

In November of 1994, a surveillance was conducted by several Bin Laden extremists of President Bill Clinton while he was visiting Manila wherein the plan was to assassinate Clinton. Al Qaeda was ordering their extremists to follow Clinton and his Secret Service videoing them. The Secret Service finds out about the surveillance and the attempt of this attack at a later

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