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Our topic was to look in our school handbook and see what rules we wanted to change, or find the flaws in them. Our instructor asked us to find a reason why we wanted to change them or why we found a problem in that rule. I decided to change how long I believe we should have lunch. In our school handbook our allotted time for lunch is a half an hour. My reasoning for choosing this is simply because students do not have enough time to eat.

What is the rule I am proposing to change? Lunch time is the main thing that I think should be extended out so the students have time to eat. Currently our lunch period is from 11:50 till 12:20 so that’s only a half an hour! So what happens to the students who want to eat out or go off campus? They have to rush themselves to the front of the restaurant, order quickly and hope your food comes out within minutes of ordering. Hamilton High School is just a few miles south of our school and they have a 40 minute lunch, with a shortened nutrition break. Most of the schools in Montana start earlier and school also gets out early too! Somehow they find a way to have a longer lunch than we do and I think that needs to change!
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Because students are deciding to go off campus for lunch. A common eating place is called the Merc and 90% of the time students from Corvallis High School go there. You don’t have enough time to order your food, sit down to eat it and drive or walk back to school. Ordering and picking up alone takes maybe ten minutes. By the time you get back to school you only have like five to ten minutes to scarf it down. Our lunches are way too short and that should be changed. On some days students are deciding to go into Hamilton for lunch because they have more options. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for a round trip, and on top of that you have to order your food which can take another five minutes or

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