School Lunch Persuasive Speech

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Being a teenager, food becomes really important. Their appetite is shifting over time. Most of the school lunch food does not satisfy the grumbling stomach of a hungry high schooler. Many students choose to not even eat the school lunch. Also, school lunch does not hold you for the rest of the day. It barely holds for the next period after. Everyone knows it is hard to stay focused on an empty stomach. After being in class for hours, sitting in a drab cafeteria dawdles the day. If students were allowed to leave the school for lunch, then they could eat what they like, enjoy a refreshing break, and even be taught responsibility.

A lot of students do not like school lunches. Nothing against the lunch ladies ' ability to cook, but the options that come with school food are limited. It is a fact that at least one time a student has looked down at their tray and saw a slab of meat that looked like it came from a can of dog food. School lunch is unappetizing. It is super unfortunate if the food being served is something a student does not like. Allowing the option for a student to get lunch
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Schools are responsible for students throughout the whole school day and nobody wants to be held responsible for an accident. The only way around this is to have the students get a waiver signed by a parent. It has also been stated that if students leave for lunch, then they will not return. If students are late returning from lunch or don’t return at all, then proper disciplinary action can be taken. Students will realize the option to leave for lunch is an earned privilege! They will also acknowledge that this right can be evoked. It’s something to consider, however, for those few mature, responsible students who can make it back to classes on time. This is all about options and choices. After all, the way to a finer education is with a satisfied

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