Italy During The Renaissance

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THE RENAISSANCE The Renaissance was a period in European history from the 14th to the 17th century. It was known as a cultural bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history. It was a time of great innovations, political dissolution, religious turmoil, and remarkable literary creations.
Innovations. The Renaissance was a time of celebrated innovations. Some of them include the Blast Furnace, which enabled iron to be produced in significant quantities. The Finery Forge, which enabled them to turn the iron into bar iron from pig iron was also created during this time period. The Slitting Mill mechanized the production of iron rods for nail making. The Smelt Mill increased the production of lead over older methods previously used. The crank and the connecting rod, which were common for the next several hundred years for pumping water out of the ground efficiently for many people across Europe, were invented during this era. Other technological inventions of the Renaissance period included the following: the parachute(still used in military operations today), the astrolabe(used to make
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The Renaissance was well-known for its brutal politics in multiple countries across Europe including both Italy and England as well as a few others. In a multitude of cases people were tortured, banished, or even put to death in certain cities in Italy such as Florence. You see, in these city-states certain families became more powerful during the Renaissance because Italy was an enormous center of trade at the time and still is today. These families, such as the Borgia’s in Rome, often had mercenaries that they used to get rid of political enemies and others who supported those enemies.In England a different situation altogether was occurring. It began when Queen Elizabeth I took over from Mary Tudor and quickly made enormous changes to the major political and religious beliefs as of that time beginning with the change from Catholic England to Protestant

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