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Why I Think The Notebook is Worth Seeing

Never has a film swept me away into a story like The Notebook, and never have I found a truer romance. Author Nicholas Sparks- based this movie on the relationship of his wife’s grandparents Noah and Allie. Sparks captures their love story as both Noah and Allie go through trials as a result of her parents’ displeasure of their relationship, they experienced years of separation, and other love interest. If not for their unwavering love, devotion to each other, and commitment their story would cease to exist.
The unshaken love that the actors are able to portray is quite remarkable. Noah took creative, yet alarming measures in his quest to ask Allie out. For example, while Allie and her date were
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When she did not respond, Noah assumed she received the letters because he never got them back, and it was his belief that she wanted to end the relationship. Noah never considered the possibility that Allie’s mother intercepted the letters. The author’s insightful use of the cast and the script is obvious as he compels the audience to see Allie’s mother in a negative light, yet holding their interest. Almost a decade has passed, and Noah has decided to purchase the house that he and Allie dreamed of one-day living in. He began to remodel it to be the exact replica of Allie’s vision with the intent, and purpose that one day she would find her way back to him. Unfortunately, Allie had met someone else, while working as a nurse at the hospital. He met all of her parents’ expectations, he came from an honorable, wealthy family and was a gentleman. Lon, the man Allie met, seemed like a wonderful young man, considerate, funny, and handsome a few reasons why she fell in love with him. Allie had no idea what Lon’s intentions were that evening, and with her parents’ permission after dinner, he would propose. Although it had been some time since she last thought of Noah, but she did at that very moment, the moment Lon proposed, and with a pause, she said yes. Allie felt as though Noah had fallen off the face of the earth, and questioned herself as to why

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